Weekly Menu #6


I’ve fallen off of the menu planning bandwagon. I make the menu. But then do as I please for the week. Kind of counter productive, right? So I’m going to switch things up a little this week. And see if it gets better! 😉

Sunday- Leftovers from last night, meat and potato ‘stew’

Monday- An egg dish for dinner

Tuesday- Meat dish

Wednesday- Cook a whole chicken, in crockpot.

Thursday- Leftover chicken

Friday- egg dish?

Saturday- Up for grabs

Now I know this isn’t conventional. And planning actually means picking a recipe and then doing it. But I kind of am over that for right now. I’ll go back at some point. 😉 I still want to have a game plan though, for the week.

What obstacles do you encounter, in your weekly meals and planning?

Jessica Lynn Writes


  1. My sister Naomi & I each use monthly menu/meal plans, & I had meals designated for specific days of the week, but recently learned that Naomi is much more relaxed about it & basically just has a list of about 30 meals, & if they happen to go out to eat or do something different one night, she just goes back to the list & picks up where she left off the next night. This was a freeing revelation/discovery for me as a helpless perfectionist, lol. You could try that method too; just because you deviate from the plan doesn’t mean you have to give up on it completely – it’s ok to be flexible & just have the plan to fall back on when you don’t know what you want to make. 🙂

    • I’d only been doing a weekly one, because having much more than that, was overwhelming to me! I’ve been a fly by the seat of my pants gal for so long in the cooking arena…it’s hard to ‘plan’ but I notice cooking goes a lot smoother when a plan IS in place! 😀

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