Faith Without Borders

The color of your skin,

The shape of your face,

The language you speak,

The country lines which you live in…

None of these disqualify you from His love.

None, from having faith in Him.

Why are there some who are affronted by the culture of others?

Why do we rush to push or pull others into molds that they aren’t meant to fill?

Why do some Christians place borders on love, and faith? Why do some think that faith looks ‘this’ way? Or that?

Yes there is One path to Him, but our past always colors our now and future.

We are individual.


So why do we rush to conform, mold and ‘be like the Jones & Smiths’?


Today, I challenge you to have a faith without borders, a faith that see people as people. Not American, Mexican, Chinese, Irish…but people. 

Flesh and blood, who have dreams, desires, longings, family and friends just as I do. As you do. People who want the best for their family. 




I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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