The Ruby Ring



*I received this book for free, for review purposes. The views expressed are mine alone.


From Amazon’s description:

The Battle Begins The year is 1524. William Tyndale makes the fateful decision to produce an English Testament without Church permission. He knows that a vernacular scripture will free the common people from spiritual domination by a corrupt and ignorant Church. If Tyndale is caught, he’ll die at the stake. So will anyone found assisting him. 
Owen Alton, a London grocer’s heir, catches Tyndale’s vision. But if he helps Tyndale, he’ll be disinherited and lose Jane Horne, the minor-knight’s stepdaughter he loves. 
Jane has defied her family in her desire to wed Owen. If he now should leave her for Tyndale…. As if she didn’t have enough troubles, Jane discovers the shocking secret behind her mother’s ruby ring.

This was a wonderful, fast, read! I’d recommend it to anyone. This is one of a few pivotal points in the Christian Churches history. 🙂 Loved it! It’s the authors first novel, and she did an excellent job in balancing entertainment, and facts. The characters were well rounded and grabbed my interest from the first page. Can’t wait to see what else she might have up her sleeve!





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