Today’s My Birthday

I’m 33 years old today. Not a significant number, but every year, I always reflect. (I do that a lot…the whole, thinking-too-much thing) I wanted to share a prayer with you, that I wrote yesterday during church service.

Lord God,

Thank you for the longing in my heart for more precious life. Thank you for creating in me a desire and love for the life you create. And even if you don’t bless us with more, I will thank you still, praise you still, for the lives you’ve given us already. Help my heart and head to see the blessings in these feelings, and don’t allow my heart to break much more.

Abba, there are children in this world who aren’t wanted or loved. Children who are being murdered. Oh God…give comfort to the orphans and lonely children who just want to be loved and held.

Abba, there are couples whose longing for children eclipses my own, and their arms remain barren. Give them comfort, unending. May your face not turn from these aching hearts, but instead bring joy and peace.

Who am I, that I should begrudge others the joys of parenthood? My heart is full, and I’m blessed. That’s why I want more to love. You have given me this desire, and only you know what will come of it.  I don’t want this desire to become a thorn…so help me see it for what it is. And be glad of it.



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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