Say No To Resolutions!

Every year it seems people make these grand resolutions (myself included) and then comes mid-January. The holiday sheen has been packed away. The polish of those resolutions has worn off.   The everyday humdrum is back.

no resolutions 5 alternatives to traditions

So what can we do to make this changing of the year special? Meaningful? Momentous? I have a few ideas.

  1. Write a prayer for the year. Make your spiritual goals out, if there’s a study you want to do, or book to read, etc. One year I prayed that whatever the year held, God would carry us, and provide for us. And that He has!
  2. Make a bucket list! Pick 14 things you want to accomplish this year, anything from fun, funny, adventurous, new, creative, etc. I posted my list already!
  3. Make a plan to help in some way, a charity or someone in need, each month. I haven’t done this yet, but I’d love too. The heart of Christ was to serve others, to help others. So too, do I want to mimic His heart.
  4. ____________ Fill in this area with your own ideas, which I’m sure y’all can come up with a lot more than I can! It’s your day, your family, you have traditions that I don’t. My family hasn’t been big on New Years. Many years will find us in bed. Fast asleep. Since being married, I’ll set my phone alarm, and kiss my hubby at midnight. But that’s about it! 🙂
  5. Do nothing! Yes, you have permission to have NO resolutions, prayers, plans, lists, etc. After all, it is just the turning of one day into the other. 😉

In the end, it’s only what you make of it. Many other choices are out there and though I know of them, I haven’t listed them. We’ve been given the gift of life, (twice if you’re a believer) and I believe we need to order our days with purpose, direction, and forethought. Which is why I love to have a prayer for the year. Here is last years post on what my goals were for 2013.

What are some ideas you have? What have you done in the past? Have you managed to make and stick to your resolutions? Please share! 😀 And have a blessed year of our Lord, Two Thousand and fourteen.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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