Can You Say No To Facebook?

no facebook deactivated facebook no social media

December 24th…

Why did I choose that date?!

facebook daily

I was doing the dishes. Which had overflowed the entire sink, counters and stove. I was running out of space and all the bowls and plates were dirty. Obviously…the cleaning-dishes-maid didn’t show up that day. Or the two previous ones. {She should be fired!}

Anyhoo, back to the cleaning. I had a lot to clean, which means I had time to think. And usually the time to think during my dishes leads to conversations with myself and God. {I’ve been known to mutter and complain a lot at these times, ahem} This specific time though, I felt a sadness at my poor housekeeping skills. I was telling God what was wrong with me, when I remembered the last update I’d gotten from RescueTime.

Are you ready for this little fact?!

I was spending 25-35 hours on Facebook ALONE, each week. This doesn’t take into account the emails, pinterest, twitter, blogging, and the other searches I do.

25-35 HOURS.

That’s about a full time job, y’all. {sick!}

facebook weekly

Obviously, my efforts in trying to limit my time in various ways haven’t worked out as well as I’d hoped. I also admit that this isn’t the first time that the thought to leave FB crossed my mind.

But in that moment, I was SO upset, so disgusted and so tired of it all…that I dried my hands, went to my computer and deactivated.

Without thought! {I should have gotten a few emails and contact info from some people first!}

I usually do a lot without thought. {sigh} Not a good practice.

But here I was, this choice had been made. And it’s been good, though I’m only 3 days in right now. Give me a few days, I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of ‘likes’, ‘pokes’, rants, drama and lotslotslotslotslots of picture updates. 😉

I have no idea how long this will last. Though I’d like to see it last for awhile, long enough to break the habit of checking in, checking up and checking off. I’d like to break the habit of laziness, and actually CALL people. Seek them out somehow. But not through Facebook.

So here I am…in the No Facebook Land. It’s quiet. It’s productive. It’s less narcissistic. It’s quiet. Did I mention that?!

Oh yeah, and those dishes? They got finished, and I got to see a clean counter. For 10 whole minutes, then dinner had to be made. It’s a cycle, y’all! 😉



  1. I want to know how well this works for you. I had thought of it before, but I do most of my talking still online, and until I start actually getting numbers so I can call people, well I need to keep Facebook. Plus I have two groups of women that I need to encourage. But I have considered deleting other forms of social media. And removing all games from Facebook.

  2. Wow! That was brave! I have times when I’m on facebook more than others. Similar to Deanna, I don’t play games on FB. Also, I limit my browsing-for-no-reason to when I’m in places of just waiting…such as after one of my kids’ practices. That way it doesn’t eat up as much time and it has a clear breaking point!

    • Julie,
      I don’t know if brave is the right word, or just fed up? lol I’ve tried MANY things and ways to get off/stay off, limit time, etc. I wish one of those methods had worked, actually, but it didn’t. So this is the last step/resort.
      I’m determined for my day to day life to reflect my priorities, and it isn’t the computer!


      Thank you for stoppin’ by!


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