How Calls The Love?

A little over a year ago, I wrote this post on homosexuality.

I have struggled with the ‘hows’ of not being judge-ful of those who are not Christians, and living as they do.  I came up with this:

So, again I asked myself, how do I show love?

Be kind
Have self-control
Be of peaceable spirit
Be gentle
Do not be arrogant
Rejoices in truth
Hopes all things
Takes joy
Does not fail


Ref: 1 Cor 13; Gal 5:22-23

Today the news is rift with the words of Phil Robertson and A&E. As a believer, I agree with Phil. As an American, I believe in freedom of speech. As Peggy, I know I’m not sparkling clean in my own history of words. In fact, I’ve hurt some friends with the thoughtless, self-righteous words of haste. Which is why, since then I’ve dialed back on what I say, especially about the hot topics of the day. Because more than anything I want to speak in love as well as truth. I can’t use truth to bludgeon others, because that is not what Christ did. He loved them even in the mire they were in. But He loved them enough to not want them to stay there. So I should be.

Today, on Facebook, a thread of comments had me thinking about my post last September.
Where am I on this? How have I changed…if I have? What can I say now, to further it?

To those who would wish to harm others, based on someone elses words: Enough. You alone are responsible for your actions. Stop blaming John Doe for the hatred or fear in your own hearts.

To those Christians who would use the Bible against those in sin: Enough. You were once sinners without a hope too. Stop thinking your special and that the salvation and gospels are for you alone.

To those who are hurting and have been subjected to the hate: I’m sorry. As one who has said words of hate and judgement, I’m sorry.

To those who want to limit freedom of speech: I can’t agree with you on this. I don’t agree that limited speech is the answer, when personal responsibility, kindness and love are.

I know, that my thoughts on homosexuality have cost my friendships. I know that it has made some relationships tenuous. In fact, I see the faces of those I love and care for right now, who are gay. And I love them NOT because they are gay, but because of their character and personality. The fact they are gay is not a fact that makes or breaks the friendship, in my mind. It never has.

I always think about what I say now, in regards to these things. Because I have faces that come to mind. I have friends that come to mind.


Today, Phil is in the news about his stance. Tomorrow? Who knows. But I know this: No one has the right to use ‘words’ to physically harm another, in the name of right-ness. We need to teach our children better. We need to SHOW our children better. We need to show them the TRUTH of Christ’s actions, not what passes as it now.


With all my love,




I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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