Taking Back My Time

So the other day I posted on my Facebook page, that I’d gone from 55+ hours of total online time, to about 25 hours of online time. Most of that time, approximately 50% of the time online per day, has been spent on Facebook.

I knew that I’d spent a lot of time online, but this was pretty eye opening for me. No wonder, the state of my home reflects the time spent online. And only about 15% of time spent on my computer, is actual ‘productive time’. Things like, emails, researching (into my illnesses, etc, and how to do XYZ), Skype, Spotify and blogging are among those things that I’ve allowed as productive. Talk about BAM, in your face, in black and white.

If you want to do this as well, the program I’m using is called RescueTime. They send you a weekly email, telling you how you did. You can also set your own goals, and perimeters. I’m still doing that, marking ‘uncatagorized’ web-pages as something productive or not. I wish they had this for phones!

If you know of any like this, for phones, please, let me know! πŸ™‚


Well, and you know this blog has been pretty quiet, lately. I had a great routine going there for about 3 months, but I felt that my content wasn’t the quality that I wanted. A lot of reflection has been happening since then, as well as living life and trying to get priorities straight. I wish, once they were straight they wouldn’t MOVE on me. {sigh}

I’m still not 100% sure how this blogging will pan out. It seems I go in cycles. And personally, it’s annoying, so I’m sure it can be that way for you as well. I WANT to write, but my desire and ‘umpff’ wan after some time. It may have to do with the fact that the subject matter I’m praying over, will not be pleasant, or popular. And there it is! Yes, I want to be popular, who doesn’t? But I also want to be truthful, Biblically truthful. And that is not what the current society loves to hear, these days.

And oh, I play with ideas of keeping this blog light. With things like recipes, crafts, sustainable doings, cleaning tips, etc. I love doing these things, they are what interests me, personally. So I want to share.

But how to I marry those two, into one blog? Still thinking on that one! πŸ˜‰


And finally…It’s almost Christmas. Two Sunday’s ago, my pastor had a beautiful, very thought provoking sermon. Something that had never occurred to me, that I can recall. In short, he said, “Are your traditions causing others and yourself, to turn your eyes and mind from Christ?”

When I thought about my favorite traditions, songs, meals, activities, I could see that the focus wasn’t fully correct on them. Some of the songs aren’t theologically sound either. {Many!}

I love to decorate the tree, but do these ornaments mean anything to me?

I love to play Christmas songs allllll day, but does Rudolph really speak of Christ?

I love to watch Christmas movies, but are they just ‘feel good’ movies, without Christ?

I love to go to parades, and see the lights around town, but are these things really helping others this season?


Some things I’ve thought of doing, but haven’t, are volunteering at soup kitchens, buying blankets at the local Goodwill, and giving them to homeless, make small gifts of homemade treats for my neighbors, going to a retirement home with my kids {because older people LOVE children and light up like you wouldn’t believe!}, giving to a local abuse shelter of whatever I can.

Those are the types of things that matter. And they matter more than once a year, they matter day in and day out. How many times have I myself, teared up and cried over knowing that others are suffering more than I am right now? In my own town. I am blessed by the people around me daily, so what am I doing to bless others?

I can understand that thoughts one might have, because in being honest here, I have them a lot myself!

“I don’t have enough money to give!”

“With my small children, I don’t have time or the ability to go and do XYZ.”

“I don’t know where to start.”


If you have a church family, start there. I know mine has a pantry for those who struggle. I also know they have shut in’s, who’d love to have companionship. I know too, that some of the congregation are teachers, and have spoken of needs for the locals. Start in your church, start in your neighborhood. Support those who already have programs going, they need to hands and feet, and the HEART of Christ, to help others.

So, now I’m off to figure out how I can help my church and neighborhood!



If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or tips, please leave them below! I’d love to have them. πŸ˜€



  1. For your blogging I understand about the seasons. I also have them. The thing I’m noticing is that I need to make time even if just 20 minutes to write daily, otherwise it seems harder to do. Whether I share it or not, I need to keep in the practice. Honestly lately I haven’t been as intentional on it, and then it makes the writing seem like a bigger and harder thing to do, instead of just being the extension of my love for words that it is. It is always good to look at why your content is not the quality you prefer, and what would need to change as well as looking at why you are writing in the first place.

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