Seeing a Need = Filling It

Sometimes a post demands to be written. The words are raging inside of me and want to be out, and read and used. This is one of those posts.


pure religion orphan widow distress

Tonight, at bible study, I heard some very saddening things about my community. The needs are great, the harvest is great, but the workers are few and the hands and feed of God are not helping.

I know. 

Because I’m the hands that aren’t reaching out, I’m the feet that aren’t moving.

And my heart hurts tonight.

It’s heavy.

Christ told us to care for the poor, widowed, orphaned and ill. He told us…no. He commanded us, to share what we have willingly, happily and joyfully. To show we truly care about them, by providing for the immediate needs. Those needs that are all they can see. And this, I know well. This feeling of fear and uncertainty. It wasn’t too long ago that we felt this too. We’re not too far from being them, in all honesty. But we have our Lord God watching over us, We have hope and faith in Him. He IS faithful.

These children are lost, and full of the hopelessness and apathy. They’ve learned it from their parents, and it breaks my heart. It urges me to act now.


We are planning on praying for this town, for the families, husbands, wives, children, single parents, lost and hopeless. For anyone who needs a helping hand, a physical reminder that GOD SEES THEM! And He cares.  I know this feeling. The feeling that His attention to detail means He cares for the WANTS as well as the needs. The hardwood floor, that wasn’t needed. The DRYER as well as the washer, when I’d only prayed for a washer. The doughnut tire that lasted until we could afford to get a replacement.

My heart is heavy.

My spirit is awake and listening.


Waiting to see His plan, His movement for our church family.

Wanting to be used, radically and completely ‘risky’ to the worlds way of thinking.


The needs are great, the harvest is there: the workers are few. My Lord God, please guide us, please open the hearts of YOUR people. Move in their hands and feet for Your glory. To save, to give hope.

To offer: You.




I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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