Healthy Rest

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As I sit here, my wrists are protesting the angle I have them and the press they are under. But I need to write. I’ve given them the weekend to rest, and still they moan, groan and make me aware of the ache and pain. And it hits me…this is a perfect time to write about rest, when your health threatens rest.

I’m not a good ‘rester-when-I’m-sick-or-hurting’ kind of person. When I’m resting, I suddenly see all of the things that need to be done around the house. The washing, cleaning, sweeping, airing out-ing…you know, the mundane things that look so doable. I’ve been laid low a few times in the recent years, having to relax and allow others to do things their way, to bless me. Why is that so difficult? Giving up the control, and just resting? But isn’t that what we always do? Even with God…

Psalm is dotted abundantly with scriptures of seeking Him, resting in Him, abiding in His shadow. I love the imagery. Christ sought the quiet places, alone, to seek His Father. Luke 22 shows Him going 3 times to pray, alone. Quietly. I think a beautiful thing happens when we can be alone, quiet, restful in His company. He can restore our spirits. Strengthen our faith. Give guidance to our passions. Lead us with love and truth.

When I’m forced away from my normal daily doings, I am alone. Alone to sit {or lay} and pray. To speak with my Savior and King. To turn to Him and cry out as I need too, without anyone around. It makes me think of my relationship with Mr. S. Our deeper discussions happen when we’re alone. In the quiet, usually at night. We spend time murmuring with each other, encouraging, laughing, worrying{yes we do that too!}, praying together, reading together….it’s all part of what makes our relationship work. It’s no less with God…we have to find the quiet to hear Him. To know Him.

Rest isn’t something recently added to the idea of faith and relationships with Christ and God. It’s been there the whole time, from the Garden of Eden until right this moment. Don’t let the enemy steal the peace that comes from moments of rest with our Comforter.  Also, don’t wait until your health brings you so low, you have no other choice.

Your task for today: If your health is preventing you from finding a quiet place to be with God…I urge you to diligently seek the quiet. And rest. Truly rest in Him.  If you’re not bound by health issues, but know someone who is, please prayerfully consider offering your services to help wash, clean, take the kids for an hour or so, or whatever the person may need. Even if it’s to take the kids so the husband and wife can be together alone.  This act of sharing in the burdens of life is a blessing to everyone.


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