Exclusive with Money P. Baggs

“This is Peggy, reporting live from the locker room nearest you! I’m here with Money P. Baggs, before his big fight with King, of Kings. Money, please share with us your thoughts! This is the fight you’ve been working towards for years!”

“OH, I’m going to c-r-u-s-h Him! No doubt, no doubt. I mean really, I have everyone eating from my hands, and I have y’all FOOLED and scared silly. Of course I’ll win! The fear is so big and the addiction is so strong…ain’t nothin HE can do to change that.”

money prizefight king of kings


When The Money Looks Bigger Than God

Y’all, we know that He is in fact bigger than any problem we face. But why is it so hard to see Him as bigger than money?! In the art of full disclosure, I have to lay the following out there:

  • We are not financial experts
  • We are very bad with our money
  • Living paycheck to paycheck would be nice, if we had a paycheck between them
  • We are still in our ‘valley’ of being poor

The doubts that get whispered into my head. They can be very overwhelming and difficult to dislodge. But I have too, if I want to believe God, my Lord and King of Kings.  I hold onto my sure hope and faith in the Lord God, knowing He will take care of our needs, day in and day out. I know that taking the steps of TRUST are the hardest to take, even harder than facing down the problems.  For me, it’s the fear of the unknown. Not knowing WHEN or WHAT He considers necessary to take care of. It’s like a small child, holding their cherished possessions in their hands, and waiting for his Papa to look at them, and validate each one as a precious item. Something treasured enough to care for.

But He does cherish them! He is that Father who takes each item with care and weighs it in His hand, in the grand plan. Before you think I think that ALL that I say is worthy, is something HE says is: He will take care of those items that HE needs to take care of, to further the plan for my life {your life}. While He does show His tender care of us in the details of His mercy, we must never forget that He is a just and loving God who corrects us when needed. Even about our possessions. {Especially?}


“Peggy again, this time I’m with King, of Kings. Sir, please…tell my watchers what this fight means to You. We so desperately need to hear Your side. Money P. Baggs tells us that he has everyone fooled. What’s Your response?”

“Ah, Money. We have a long standing relationship, one that is fraught with turbulence and lies. I am not scared of him or his lies. Only what they can do to my beloved children. And what traps those lies can hold them in. I have sacrificed much, in order to free my darling, precious sons and daughters. I believe that shows My level of devotion and endurance, in dealing with this -upstart- Baggs fellow.”

The Rubber Meets the Road

Along this journey, I’ve noticed a few things. I few aspects of this just and loving Lord God, whom I serve. Allow me to share with you what He’s been showing me{us} this past year or so.

Since the move to Texas before we moved to Texas, we have seen His hand in our lives unlike we have before. His constant care of our financial needs, His pattern of movement in our lives to bring people, places and things into it at just the right moment. Teaching us further grace, and humility, peace in trusting Him. Believing in Him.

  • We had struggled for so many months before the move. Such a weary time.
  • When the job was offered, we took it. Knowing it was His plan.
  • We had no money to move ourselves and children, no home waiting us.
  • We’d heard over and over again, until it got very discouraging, that it was HARD to find an affordable place to live in this area.
  • We needed a washer and dryer {sold ours before moving for money}

Each one of those bullets represents a very trying time for us, and ones that built our trust in Him, allowing us to see His hands in our lives, in the most ‘mundane’ ways. Though when He’s involved, is it really mundane? The truth is, running the race set before me is hard. It’s weary business many days. I catch myself wanting to sleep and not face the harder times. I’m over them. I want them gone. I want peace and SECURITY in material things. Yeah I said it. It’s the base of my wicked heart, y’all. But lets be real, if I have a hard time trusting God, but feel secure in THINGS, doesn’t that just show where my heart is?!

Oh, wicked, lying heart! David and Paul both write with such beauty and fervor of their hearts and the deceit in them. It’s no wonder that I read their words a lot. I need the been there and TOTALLY messed up my life AGAIN Lord, please help for the 984u594039 time experience and example they show me.

How can I forget that this King, this Lord has sacrificed so much, in order to have a relationship with silly ol’ me?! Even to the cares of how to feed and clothes myself. The birds, they are not greater in His eyes than I am, yet they don’t worry about the next meal. The animals of this earth, they are not more precious to Him than myself, and yet He cares for their needs as well. Every thing that has breath, is cared for, treasured and carried in His hands. And in return, He asks for our belief in Him, our trust, our hope, our everything. To be met by Him alone.



“We’re back here, down in center ring, eagerly anticipating the arrive of our fighters! One thing is sure, there is only ONE winner, One can leave this ring with the victory belt of Truth. Stay tuned for more, this is Peggy saying good night!”


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