What’s Your Condition of Rest?

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I’m sure we all have different ideas of what rest looks like and what rest isn’t. {So feel free to share below what you think about rest} And, I admit that what rest looks like to you, will look very different than what it looks like for me.

On day one, I quoted from Ezekiel, chapter 34 verse 15

I will feed My flock and I will lead them to rest,” declares the Lord God.

According to Strong’s concordance, rest means to stretch oneself out, lie down, to lie stretched out.

Lets look at the other passage I quoted from day one!

Psalm 116:7 Return to your rest, O my soul,
For the LORD has dealt bountifully with you.

Again from Strongs, rest here means coming to rest, resting place, condition of rest.

Girls, we’re to rest physically as well as mentally! We’re to have a condition of rest, to lie down and just ‘be’.

Anything that doesn’t result in rest in Him is not what He intended for us to rely on for rest. I know you may have thought today would give you a list. {To be honest that’s what I thought I’d be writing myself!} I’m not an expert on what you should and shouldn’t do for rest, but I do know that He wants us to rest in Him, to take our rest, to allow our souls to be strengthen by the moments of rest we seek in Him.

Today, I want you to do a small word study through the Bible on rest. Look up just a few verses on rest, allow our God and King to show you what rest looks like for YOU. Not what it should look like according to Peggy, or ‘mom’ or ‘Betty so and so’ or what ‘that pastor’ said it looks like. Seek HIS words on rest. And soak them up. Highlight them, write them out, whatever it takes to keep them on your heart.

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I was going to make another post, but this one fits in nicely with my friend, Heather, over at My Melodious Heart. Today I’m going to be linking up with her, on her topic of Expectantly Listening. You know when you start seeing the same theme pop up over and over again? For me it’s usually Facebook, Twitter, emails, random comments people leave me, or even book recommendations. Also, pastors sermons, bible verses, studies I’m doing. It’ll be everywhere.
I’m left with wondering what He wants to show me in this topic, as it’s everywhere. Rest. Listening. Waiting. Seeking. Quiet. It’s all there together. Being still, waiting for Him. KNOWING He’ll meet me, even if it’s just to give peace to my soul, and rest to my spirit.
It’s important to just spend some time with Him, to spend time in the quiet before the world enters my day. Before the feeding, changing, wiping, cleaning, drying and snuggling of my day begins, I need that quiet. It’s like a recharge to my soul.
I have to say, that my Mr. S loves to have music playing, or the TV going, or watching videos on his computer. Most of the time. But it’s hard to explain that my body gets tense, I get overwhelmed with all of the ‘noise’. How do you explain this to someone who doesn’t seem to get bothered by the noise? Sometimes I can’t even explain it myself, how I need that break from sound.  I have thought many times, that people who can’t have quiet, are uncomfortable with it. Scared of it, don’t know how to live with it.
But a good point my Mom makes, and I agree with, is this: It’s in the quiet that we head Him. Those quiet moments is when He ministers to our souls, and gives us relief from the worry, distractions and bother of this world. It’s also in those moments that He gentling, lovingly corrects us, when we’re straying from Him, or from His truth. Those moments, would be the ones many people don’t want to hear or deal with.
As a mom of two little’s, I have a hard time getting much alone time, let alone quiet time! I have to sacrifice my sleeping to get quiet time, and that’s hard for me. But I know He’s called me too this, to wake up earlier then my tiny brood. To spend time with Him, quiet and alone. To let Him give rest to my soul, and quiet to my body.
What holds you back from seeking the quiet and rest? Are you intimidated with noiselessness?
Linked up over at My Melodious Heart!


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