1000 Words ~ Music in the Balcony

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Word Count = 1174

This story is connected with this one.


The sound of the bass shook the stairs, as Merry climbed them. I can’t believe I let Todd and Fay talk me into this. I’m so not into Maroon 5. Mentally sighing and groaning as the sounds of the latest song ping off of the walls around her, she looks over her shoulder and watches her friends. The loves they shared was steady, beautiful and honest. Sometimes it was hard to live with two people so beautifully in love.

She needed to move out. They’d been really nice to her, kind in letting her stay with them after the fiasco of her breakup. But they needed their space. She’s heard their discussion of wanting to try for a baby. There was no room for her there. Time to look at rentals. Ugh, I hate looking. I wish it would just drop from the sky! Shaking her head as she found their seats in the balcony, she looked towards the stage. Jumping bodies, and booming beats rippled through the air at her. Without thought, her feet started tapping in time to the music.

“Here’s our seats!” Hoping her words would be heard, she gestured to the seats next to her, and Fay and Todd moved to sit down. Fay reached over and patted Merry’s knee, giving it a knowing squeeze.

Fay and Merry had been friends for a long time, since they were 12, and making a blood sisters pact. She knew that she’d always have a friend in Fay. She also knew, that Fay’s life was headed in a direction that was far different than her own, right now. And that saddened her, making her long for the simpler single days before Mark and Todd had entered their lives. Well…at least Todd stayed and is good for Fay.

Todd was pointing something out to Fay and Fay shook her head. Leaning over she shouted to Merry, “That guy?! You know him?”

Looking where Fay was pointing, Merry strained to see the man. He was in a darker balcony seat, across the way from them. Leather jacket, chiseled face and piercing eyes. That’s all she got, before she looked away, certain she didn’t know him. Shaking her head at her friends, she shouting back, “No!” Shrugging and looking confused, Todd waved her off and mouthed ‘later’.


All three of them fell laughing out of the side doors of the music hall, in their rush to leave before the masses. “Hurry ladies!!” Todd exclaimed, “Before they all get the same idea.”

Giggling and feeling like young 20 year olds again, the girls ran with Todd to his truck. As they piled in and got their belts on, Fay turned to Todd.

“Okay, why did you point out that guy, honey?”

Todd was busy backing out and finding his way out of the packed parking lot, his voice suddenly quiet and vague. His ‘tell’ that he was very serious and worried.

“He was staring at our section the whole night. And I’m quite certain that I saw him at the gas station which we were at earlier this evening.” Todd’s eyes flicking back to Merry’s, he reached out to give a reassuring squeeze to Fay. “I’m sure it was just a coincidence though.”

Merry tuned out Fay’s 20 questions, and looked out of her window. Bringing to mind the strangers face, she tried to place him. Nothing about him rang bells, but his stance and demeanor spoke volumes to her. He was somebody you don’t meet in dark places. Danger, it dripped from him. Shuttering she focused back on their conversation, which had moved on to food.

“Y’all always talk about food!” Laughing and shaking her head, Merry grinned at the couple.

“Well, with Todd being a chef and us wanting to open a restaurant, it’s kind of our life. Besides, what else would we talk about?! I haven’t eaten since LUNCH!”  Playfulness in her tone, Fay turned and winked at Merry.

“I know of this cute little bistro, down town. It’s on Howard, I believe. Delicious grilled lamb!” His voice thumbing with excitement over the food.

“Then let’s go, Todd! Can’t let the lamb wait, can we!?” Fay said with a giggle. She knew her husbands propensity to think of food, at all times. “What’s this place called, anyways?”

“Mizuna. They also have Vegetarian, Merry.” Flicking his eyes back to her, he grinned. “Have to keep my local Veggie happy!”

Shaking her head, she said, “Thank you Todd! As always, your consideration is noted!” Looking at Fay, she made a face and they both laughed.


Sitting down to their table the trio continued to banter back and forth. Unobserved to them however, was the same leather jacket wearing man, with piercing eyes, being seated not far from them, but hidden behind some other guests. He was quietly checking out the place, and finally settled his gaze back on the group.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, noticing who it was from, he answered and spoke in low tones.

“Yes. I’m here right now.”

“No, she’s with them still.”

“They are having a good time, on their 3rd bottle of wine.”

“No, she isn’t the one drinking the most.”

“Yes, I’ll let you know when we leave.”

Hanging up his phone, putting it back into his pocket, he flagged down the waitress. Stumbling over herself, the woman gushed and fluttered her eye lashes, doing everything she could to get his attention. Ignoring her completely, he ordered the clam appetizer. In a huff, she walked away, thinking he was a prick.

His gaze back on the group, he noticed the man getting up, and heading to the restroom. He’d pass near him, so he picked up a book and lowered his head. Rookie mistake Rich, leaving your jacket on! Keeping his head down, hoping the man would have had too many glasses of wine, he saw him walk right on by. Once Todd was out of sight, Rich took off his jacket and flipped it around, so now it showed a houndstooth fabric instead of the leather.


Once Todd was gone, the girls turned to each other and started speaking at the same time.

“That guy…”

“Who’s the..”

Smiling at each other, Fay gestured for Merry to talk first.

“That guy, at the concert? I wonder who he is. I know I haven’t seen him before, but he just said danger to me.” Musing in her voice, and a little unease.

“I agree, Merry. I hope we don’t see him again, though I wonder what he was about.” Fay sat there with her chin in her hand, tapping a finger to her lips. You could hear the wheels turning in her mind.

“Ladies, we’ll have to go soon.” The sudden voice of Todd startled them both.

“Leather jacket man, he’s here. This is not a coincidence.”



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