Our Excess: Stress Challenge

excess spending stress clothes media october

I almost forgot about this. Oooopsies! So our last challenge was the spending. We did well, not spending on anything other than the necessities. But it does bring to mind the ways we can further help our budget along. I’ve found out that the store I’d been shopping at for our food, wasn’t the cheapest all-around store I’d thought it was. So, we’ve changed where we’ll shop, and I can’t wait to see what it does to our food budget. I’m also glad, because I don’t like shopping WalMart for everything. I try to avoid it, but it’s hard here. It being one of two of the grocery centers.

So lets recap the stress challenge, shall we?

*Jen observes prayer 7 times a day, to cultivate a spirit that rests in God alone. Each day, we will pray about someone/thing specific. In this order Mr. S, Mrs. S, the kids, our marriage, our family, our families vision or mission and lastly, a day of praise.

Alright to be honest, I haven’t looked at the original post to read the whole challenge in awhile. I love how God works in our own words, because He knew I needed prayer. I needed to connect with Him again. To remember my passion for Him. So I’m looking forward to this, and can’t wait to do it.

How do you pray for your family? Do you set times to pray, or is it haphazard? What do you think needs improvement?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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