3 Ways To Be Lost In The Busy

lost busy 3 ways distraction hearts on gaurd selfishness friendship


Sometimes I feel lost.

Lost from the rhythm of life that I want, lost from the rhythm I used to have. Click to tweet.


Not sure what way to go, what voice to listen too. All of my intentions get lost in the draw and lure of social media, the email inbox and the endless-mindless web surfing.  Those things I want to do, create, craft, pour myself into, they get lost easily in the pull that is the Distraction. One of my writer friends speaks of distraction here. I also know there is another form of distraction, {which she may touch on in her later post}


Our enemy can tie us up in the business that threatens to overwhelm our schedules to the point of total distraction. Total annihilation of things that actually matter.

How did I get here? What steps lead me to this life I now live? Y’all, it’s open now. I’m sharing what I didn’t want too. It seems I’ve been sharing a lot the last few months, that I didn’t want too. But here goes.

I sit on the computer most days, allowing myself to be distracted with people in this little technological box. Forgetting the things that need to be done in the house. Forgetting the relationships that need tending.  The little ones that need guiding and growing. The beloved who needs his friend and lover.

Ya’ll…social media is a beast. A huge one that has taken me, taken my mind and completely distracted me from those I love the most. It’s even taken over my time with God. My precious time with my Lord, that is the most important of all…gone. Sucked up and sucked dry!

HOW did I get HERE?!

I’m praying for clarity, praying for Him to be gracious to me, and show me the slide that brought me here. So I can’t slide again. I don’t want too. A few things come to mind:

1.)  Wanting to belong.

I want to belong so much, I overlook the family I have that BELONGS to me, and seek the sense of community in a little world called social media. The pinging and dinging of my phone and the blinking lights of the computer screen increase my sense of worth.

2.)  Selfishness

Selfishness causes me to seek what pleases me in the moment. And really, who thinks dishes, cooking, cleaning and dealing with moody children  is PLEASING? I don’t. 😉

3.)  Laziness

Yeah, I’m lazy. No way around it, I’m the ‘bump on the log’ that y’all read about. I’d rather fill my time with things I can do mentally or at my fingertips, than anything that requires me to move my body.

Sigh…did I really just put that stuff out there?

I’m a needy, selfish and lazy person, in a nut shell. Anyone want to be my friend now?! As I sit here praying about what I need to do to remedy this situation, I know that limited time on the computer will be a major step for me. How do you limit your time, while at the same time, building your online community? Sounds so crazy and almost at the opposite ends of the spectrum, right? But I know God has a plan and purpose for this revelation. I just need to keep praying and keep seeking.

I know I’ve left this hanging a little, but I’m leaving room for another post, in follow up. Be looking for it soon. Do you know what causes you to be distracted, busy and pulled away from your life? How do you manage your time, and how do you prevent it from happening?



  1. I totally relate to ll of this, Peggy. #1 is a trap I fall into often. There is so much good to be had in this new world of tweets, FaceBook, blogging, and all the rest, but at times it does feel like a big black hole of distraction, to be sure!

  2. I was just thinking along these very same lines earlier this morning. Thinking I need to implement certain “office hours” if you understand for computer time and leaving other time open for other pursuits. Also wondering if Balance is a biblical as people say. I mean Jesus was always more about other people and less about Himself. So is it indeed being selfish to be online encouraging for Him, or is it just the Worlds idea of balance that has me confused.

    Not to say that you don’t need to spend more time with your kids. But thinking aloud for me who has no kids. Which is more beneficial to God, that I spend time on my online ministry, or spend time reading and doing things off the computer that benefit no one other than me.

    • I can understand what you mean, but here’s a thought: Maybe the things you read offline help enrich your advice and ability to encourage those online?

      That’s a very good point though…Now you’ve gone and made me think! 😉

  3. I think the balance we seek is God’s sense of balance. I too, have struggled with that horrible word called ‘discipline.’ It is an important key in solving the selfishness and laziness we (me) can all fall into. I really really really do understand the ‘wanting to belong’ desire. I do believe this trait has been perverted by the advesary. We do have a need to belong – our fellowship is to be with the Father. We seek it in so many other places. Keep on trucking daughter – He’ll show you the way.

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