1000 Words ~ Creation!

I at the point in my writing that I don’t have many post written and scheduled ahead. I’m not worried or stressed, because right now, the inspiration is hitting most days.  After taking that little break, it has taken a few days to get back into the groove of things. Re-connecting with friends on social media and finding the writing mojo once again.

The kids are down for their morning nap. I love to look at them when they are sleeping, the peace on their faces is so precious to me. Sometimes, they smile, and I wonder what thoughts flit through their minds to cause a smile so sweet. Sometimes they cry in their sleep, because something is bothering them. Those moments break my Mommy heart.

I’ve been blessed with children who love to hug, cuddle and snuggle. After losing Michael, it seems that I LOVE doing more hugs than I did before. Understandable I suppose. I’m thankful they don’t seem to mind it right now. I imagine in the coming years there will be stages that they don’t appreciate the love I lavish on them.  At least, it’ll seem that way. But one thing I know is that my children will know they are loved, and loved well.

There are children out there who are not as sure of this love, not as sure of their parents devotion. And my heart breaks for them. My tears come and go for them. To be a small child and not know the safety and security of a parents love: it’s hard for me to imagine.  I want to swoop them up into my arms, and show them that not all adults and parents are loveless. If I think too long, I get really melancholy. I’ve noticed I have a tendency to take on others grief and sorrows, as though they are my own. I’m sure there’s a disorder for that, but I know it’s because my hearts being made softer in this life I live. It may not be the best way, but it’s happening. Thank you Lord God.

Now for a little 1000 Words inspired writing. Below is the picture. I love it! I’m cheating a little, as I’ve already written some on this post, but it’s my blog, I’m allowed, right?! 😉


Photo source unsplash.com

As the sun rises slowly, I sit here watching the mist gradually dissipate from the base of the mountains. It’s like watching them unfold in all their morning glory. The sounds of boats in the distance, going about their fishing, touristy business. The smell of the lake water, green, mossy and riddled with life. The soft sway of the reeds, dancing in the breeze-less air.

Majesty. HIS creation is majesty.

The glory of this earth always brings me to a state of awe. A quiet awe that fills my soul with peace, and a longing to be in His presence. To feel the glory and majesty in person, though rumor tells me it would be difficult to stay in His presence. Nature has always held a deep place in my heart. Growing up, I was taught how to just sit. Sit, be still and watch. Listen. Absorb. The sounds, oh those sounds.

Crickets, frogs, wind, leaves, trees. Did you know they all make sounds? Yes, even trees do. They creak and sing as they sway and fall. Their leaves clap in the wind, cheering on the God of the universe. Mm, never thought of it like that, but they do clap. And it brings to mind the verse, But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” “Luke 19:40. Creation, it SINGS of Him.

It can’t be quiet, it doesn’t know how. Mind blowing this revelation is to me. I’ve always known it, but not ‘KNOWN’ it. If you know what I mean? Is it any wonder that my eyes and heart and mind and soul seek the outdoors, seek the creation of my God and King? I want to be, long to be, desire to be: with that which sings of Him even in it’s quiet life and death.

The blades of grass, they reach for the sun. Do I reach for the Son?

The sunflowers, worship the suns path across the sky, never turning their face from it. Do I worship with all of my being, and never turn my face from the Son?

The birds of the air fly on the air with wings so sure and embrace His plan for them. Do I embrace His plan for me, do I fly with abandon, under His wings?

The worms, even go about their business in the soil of our earth, making it rich and nutritious for the flowers. Do I rejoice in the quiet, mundane, sometimes ugliness that is my life, letting it nourish others?

Beauty, majesty, glory, quiet, peace, joy. Oh, to be in His presence in His creation. It’s like a wonderful host, showing us His most valued treasures, because He values us most of all. 

In case you didn’t know, I’m hookin up with Megan Eccles today, for her 1000 word prompts. 😉




  1. I still need to write my 1000 words, but took a few minutes to read this before I head back to work. Lovely, girl! And yeah… I was a kid raised with that questionable parental love… it was hard. It leaves you seeking that love elsewhere, always. 😦 Need to remember to hug on my kids more, even though they’re super independent and not all that cuddly 😉

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