Peggy-Gate 101

Before Peggy-Gate:

I was ‘that’ friend who would spout off at the mouth, quickly, on all things political. The blood would boil under the skin and the anger would rise over the news reports of a failing government. I’m very much a black and white, wrong is wrong, and right is right, person. No grey. I couldn’t reconcile how to be loving and be honest, truthful and kind. They didn’t mix in my head. So I stepped on toes. Hurt others. Bowled them over completely in my desire to be RIGHT.Β  Nevermind that I just might be wrong in the approach.

In my quest to uphold marriage the way God made it, I completely forgot to be merciful and gracious to others in sin. I lost a friend over this. {But she’s back now! Read this post on how He’s changed my heart on this subject.}

I even wrote about this very topic last year, and reading it now, I haven’t changed my mind.

I wrote a letter to President Obama as well.

To this day, I don’t speak ill of him, and though I’m not happy with the choices he’s made and the direction he’s take this country, I still pray for him. I still seek to have a kind and merciful heart towards him. He is a sinner just as I am, and needs the grace of God just as I do. I’m not better, or more special than him, but I’m in a position to pray for him, in fact commanded too.


So, I was vocal. Like weekly triads on Facebook, vocal. I wouldn’t edit what I said, my tone was harsh and very bent. Crazy to remember that at that time, I didn’t see a thing wrong with that. I thought it was what a Christian ‘did’. All my other politically minded friends did it, so why not me?! You know where that thinking gets me. In trouble and eventually, studying His word.

What really started it all though, was going to His word to find what He really says about homosexuality. Then it branched out too politics in general.Β  And then it really hit me: I had had it wrong.

Not to bash the current administration. Not to hang him out to dry with the rest of the politicians. Not to rely on any one party or person to secure my future or that of my children. What was it really I was wanting these people {who are fallible} to do, when this world is falling and broken more and more?


After Peggy-Gate

Now, in the continuing climate of downfall that our country faces, I still turn to God more. My trust is firmly in Him. I know that as mankind, our sins will always work their consequences out in our lives and those of our children.Β  Sometimes I still wrestle with how to vote, what to DO, in the face of these times. How do I make my voice heard, how do I act effectively for Him, and according to His word? I always come back to prayer. Prayer always, prayer in any circumstance.

Some of those closest to me love to talk about buggin out, stalking up on necessary items, protecting themselves at all costs. To be honest, this talk brings a level of fear into my heart that is VERY hard to squelch. So I asked them to stop it. But they’d continue off and on. So I had to do more prayer. Because we honestly don’t know what will happen next; I needed peace that only He can give.

I again, have to be honest here. I avoid the televised news, for my news source. They sensationalize so much these days, it’s far from actual news reporting. It’s commentary. I don’t need help commenting on political things! πŸ˜‰ I have found that I need to protect my heart, and my faith from the fear of the unknown, the fear of all hell breaking loose in this country.

I console myself with stories of my youth: that my God is bigger than fear, bigger than famine, bigger than death itself. So all the dooms-sayers voices are a lot quieter now.


I don’t know if this has answered any questions or caused new ones. But I ask that you take time to read the links, and see if it all fits. As I typed this, we’d had the TV on for the government shut down. Trying to tune that out, and trying to remain peaceful and focused, it’s been interesting! πŸ˜€ If you have any questions, or something seem unclear, please ask!





  1. I don’t have time to read the links now, but remind me later… this is something I’m working on. Abortion was my hot-button facebook tirade topic. I lost many friends over it, some still not speaking to me, and I ended up leaving facebook for a year in order to stop myself from the rants. I’m not perfect. Sometimes my fiestiness still takes over. I like how you didn’t run away from politics or being active in our country – you still vote, woohoo. I try to hold onto God’s promises, provisions, etc knowing that ultimately – we aren’t meant for this world, but that doesn’t mean we give up and stop doing what we can to make our time here better. πŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure I could leave Facebook for a year, but whatever it takes, eh? I’m glad you did. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to open our eyes. I’d thought for years that what I believed was correct, only to see that I’d left a few fruits of the spirit out. 😦 And yes, I completely understand the feisty! lol I have the same gene. πŸ˜‰
      I have always voted: if I didn’t I think my grandparents would roll over!

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