Hold Up: Are You Breathing?

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Most of us might think of rest as just a physical action, or just a mental action. I believe it needs to be {should be} both. If either the mind or body are busy, then we cannot actually have a restful moment.

Polls have shown that today’s Americans spend more time ‘doing’ than ever before. Even our leisure time can be dotted with busy work. The advance of technology makes it so easy to just pop online to check this or that for work {or pleasure} that we forget we’re home.

We have the same number of hours as our grandparents did, but we are more tired, and worn out; stress levels are higher and families are more distant. Our grandparents didn’t have the washer, dryers, dishwashers, toasters, microwaves, etc, that make our lives easier today.

We’re burning out, experiencing stress related illnesses and emotional black outs at increasing rates.


Take a deep breath right now. Do it. {1…2…3…4…5} Now let it out.

Did you feel that?

It was the body sighing. Girl, we NEED to take deep breathes throughout our days. We’re not meant to be SO BUSY!

You’re challenge for today is to find 5 minutes, a sheet of paper and pen or pencil. We’re going old school here, ladies. I want actual paper and writing utensil! Take those 5 minutes and write down two lists, the first list: write all of the things you do in a day. The second list I want you to write down all of the ways you can think of to find pockets of rest {stretching, moment of prayer, deep breathing, going outside for a little fresh air, etc} Hold on to these lists. Please share them, if you’d like too!

day 3 challenge picture


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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