Divorce, Lies, Adultery, Gossip and Spite.

Divorce. Lies. Adultery. Gossip. Spite.

When did these sins become less than others? Why are they overlooked in the church, and others are publicly mocked and condemned? When did it become okay too let the creeping, slyness of broken families become acceptable in churches? Or if not ‘acceptable’, rather, something to sweep under the rug?

Why do so many believing men and women, think that divorce is an option? What disconnect has happened in the general church that completely overlooks the Lord God’s view of marriage, divorce and family? I really don’t know why it began. But I do know what the climate is now. We, the church, look very much like the world around us. And that is not to be!

Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

It really burdens my heart, knowing that the rates of divorce are the same inside the church, and out, these days. How it must grieve the heart of God as well. {But more} When His children, listen to the lies of our enemy, and listen to their flesh, instead of listening too, and trusting in Him, sin happens. Distance happens. God’s will does not happen.

How often do we hear professed Christians speaking out about homosexuality, and yet they may be going through a divorce, or their view of divorce is worldly? We cannot speak out against a handful of sins, and hide the vast sum of ones that touch our personal lives. It is not right. {All sin is abhorrent to God, because it separates us from Him.} Click to Tweet!

That ‘white lie’ you told your child, or boss? It’s a sin. That piece of news you shared with a few too many people when you shouldn’t have. It’s a sin. Those thoughts in your mind about another person, while sitting with your husband or wife? It’s a sin. Y’all…our Lord God is SERIOUS about sin. SO serious, He sent Christ Jesus, His Son, to atone for it. Not some angel, or cherubim, to denote it’s lowered importance to Him. NO, His Son.

Think for a moment, what you’re willing to give your child for? It wouldn’t be for something small, of little significance, would it? No. So it stands to reason that God is showing us the HIGHEST of importance that sin holds in His eyes, with the Blood of His Son on the line. So don’t waste it, don’t demean it by your selfish desires. More importantly, don’t consider yourself better than the next person, simply because your sins are bigger than theirs. My friends…I speak to myself so much in this post. Coming from the back ground I do, this topic touches home to me. And it still burns within me the flippant way marriage, divorce and the acceptance of it in the church, is over looked, considered less than other sins. Its ISN’T.

Don’t get me wrong, all sin is just as ugly as the next. We’re all guilty of some sin, so I’m not saying I’m perfect. Far from it! But we need to stop pointing fingers, we should start looking to our own sins and laying them at the foot of the Cross as we should be. And giving grace to those who need it. Mercy to the broken and hurting. Compassion and understanding to those who struggle with their sins in this walk of faith.

And for those who don’t believe? Well…pray. And pray often. Show them the truth of Christ, in the way you love them, the way you live your life. Be open about your beliefs, but don’t bash them over the head, for Pete’s sake. The most effective way to gain others into believing Christ is who He says He is, is to be Christ as much as we can. Not by bashing, belittling, condemning or putting down. Not with pointed fingers and better-than-you hearts. Y’all…I have been there. I lost a few friends because of it. Though thankfully, the friends have been restored to me. So again, I speak to myself, and from experience.

I know not everyone agrees with my new stance on these things. But that’s okay. But I ask you to ask YOURSELF and GOD to show you what His word says, and how you’re to live it out.

That’s all I ask these days. Seek for yourself. Ask for yourself. No one else can do it for you! Click To Tweet!



  1. Amen! I have wondered this, as well. I hate to see it in our own Church. Cheating/lying and cover up. I actually left the practice – it was a doctor. they are no longer together and I feel so bad for her and the two boys. The whole family still comes. (just to different services) it is really sad.

    • That is unfortunate 😦 We need to learn how to admonish and correct each other in love, but I fear we’re too scared of ‘something’ be it hurting others, not wanting to get involved, too unsure in our own faith…the list is long.

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