Discipleship and Discipline Webinar Review

******Disclosure statement: I am not financially compensated for any reviews. However, I have received certain books webinars or other materials for free, for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience, those opinions will be honest and straightforward. I will also clearly state in the specific post if I have received that item for free, or of my own means. *****



I love the straightforward way Sally and Sarah Mae address the tougher personality types; it’s hard being a parent and harder at times when you have strong or opposite personalities to raise. I think in today’s society, being a mom can be a little harder. Being a parent isn’t seen, necessarily, as a gift, and therefore the ‘burden’ of raising up our children is left to others,or other devices. Sally and Sarah Mae encourage us to engage with our children, to keep engaging even when it’s hard and we’re pulling our hair out. I’ve been there a few times already and my children are 2 and 1!

Along with the great webinar’s, you’ll get the PDF file workbook of sorts, and Sarah Mae’s book, The UnWired Mom. I love this book! I’d glanced through the pages and the excerpts I’ve read so far just life me up and also, I have to say…convict me!

My kids don’t ask me to play ponies with them anymore.
They’ve learned that Mama’s too busy to be involved in their world. Mama doesn’t want to play. Mama just needs a rest. Mama doesn’t feel good. Mama has work to do.
Mama doesn’t have time for us.
Or so, they’ve come to understand. Why bother asking anymore?
The Internet is easy. It doesn’t ask you to play ponies; it doesn’t need to be changed, or fed, or nurtured. It is just a thing that projects a flat life that looks pretty.{pg 22}

Oh man…let me tell you. Kid NOTICE when your attention isn’t on them. And they notice what it IS on, and in their mind, that means that whatever holds your attention in MORE IMPORTANT than THEM! Oh…this broke my heart, still does. I can relate to Sarah Mae’s words about having created a online plateform, and ‘running’ it, small as it is, and still wondering how to balance this writing, connecting, social media’ing thing with being a Mom.

In a society that hesitates to make connections with others, Sally and Sarah Mae are here to encourage you, dear weary, at the end of her rope, Mom. Sometimes we just need a little understanding, older Mom wisdom, to tell us that we’re doing okay, and sometimes, we need that urge to be better, more focused and more on the level of our children.

This business of raising Godly children is a long, daily mundane one. But the things worth having, are worth fighting for, striving for, spending effort on.

My conclusion: These materials are a good resource to have in your Mom arsenal. I highly recommend them, and I’ll leave you with another quote!

Writing is almost like being inebriated. We form and create what we want others to see. We also feel slightly invincible. A screen is impersonal. It can’t show us the eyes or the facial expressions of the person behind it. Our sense of another is limited because we can’t hear them or touch them or feel what they might be feeling. The screen is a fraud.{pg. 62}

Remember, nothing compares to the daily building of a relationship with our children. The computer, TV or other technology is a poor substitute for face to face relationships.

Along with the webinar, and The UnWired Mom, you’ll get Core Lies, My Family 24 Ways, unlimited webinar access, and more! Be sure to check this out.


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