Wanted: Rest or Busy?

rest trust seeking finding God faith worries stress anxious

Why do we seek rest so much? It seems we seek BUSY more than rest, but truly, inside don’t you long for just a moment of rest? A moment unplugged from all of the technology, the duties of being a housewife, the responsibilities of being a mother, and the pull of being a wife? Just a blissful 60 seconds, free of all the entanglements of the world.

I know I do. I seek those moments out every day, and they usually find me in the bathroom, or at the kitchen sink. I steal these moments when I can, just to lighten my load and give it all to Him. Sometimes, I just need a moment to breath deeply, and let the stress melt away from my shoulders. Since you know…that’s where I hold my stress the most.

Many times, all I can think in those moments is, Jesus…His name but an exhalation from my lips, and heart, because to say more, I couldn’t. Or my mind can’t for the words well enough, just His name, Jesus, is enough.

I think we look for rest because it’s built into us. Christ Jesus Himself went away alone to rest and pray frequently, Matt 14:23 is one such time. There are others. He went away, to be refreshed, and strengthened. We’re not privy to all of His prayers, however we do see enough of them to know He took His troubles to His Father, and He sought rest and comfort. He received strength and boldness too.

How many times do we struggle with finding just a moment of rest, at the foot of Christ?

Today I challenge you to find 60 seconds in your day {though it can be more and gradually you should increase it!} to just rest. No distractions, no one pulling at you. Just you and Christ. And rest well, girl! This world wants to tear you down, you need a moment to be built up again in Him.



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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