Our Excess: Media Challenge!

excess spending stress clothes media october

Well, I just completed the 7 days of the clothing challenge. And I have to admit, I cheated. I’d forgotten my Mom was bringing some hand me down clothing, and well…I got excited to put NEW clothing on. I cheated twice. I’m sorry…please forgive me?! Mmmkaythanks! However, I did get rid of half of the clothing I have, and prioritized what I’ve kept. I have a few things I’m thinking about, but they will probably go as well.

And you know, I’m thinking, of all the weeks that I choose to skip out on social media, I picked this one! lol The week of the kids birthday’s. Oh well, it’ll be hard, but I can do it. I’ve already taken the twitter app off of my phone, Facebook had been taken off already. Oh, and my Mom witnessed it, 🙂

Here’s the blurb I posted about a week ago, on the social media:

Turn off 7 screens  I’m limiting my internet/computer time to emails, updating my blog and that’s it. Also, no social media on my phone. A week of silence.{Though I guess not a total black out as I have two Facebook groups I need to keep up with for now, but no extra time}

So, that’s it. Um, here’s hoping it works!! lol I’ll see you guys on Facebook and Twitter in about a week, though you’ll probably see the photos I post and me jumping on to catch up on some groups and such things.



  1. I hope you do well. I really need to do this, but I think I would go crazy. Not because I’m an addict, but because I work in an environment that would drive me absolutely crazy if I didn’t have an outlet. Maybe that’s an excuse, but I’m sticking to it for now.


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