Trouble Twins!

Yes. I said it. My children are trouble-twins. The toddler is old enough to know better, and big enough to reach everything the baby can’t. She just follows her brother, and is getting more adept in messing with whatever he has going on. She’s in fact, beginning to instigate a few things on her own. I’d say…her brother is a great teacher. For all the WRONG reasons.

Pulling all the books off of the shelves? They accomplish this with ease and such dexterity, it boggles the mind. “I was only gone for a second!!!” Yeah…they only need a nanosecond.

Taking down all the DVD’s? Oh, yes they also have this covered, in duplicate. Toddler goes for the higher shelves, baby goes for the lower. And together, they conquer the world…er…the DVD towers.

Band together against the cat? Yup, dear furry child of mine, they have your number. They are able to make him run full throttle in .005 seconds. All while squealing at the top of their lungs, giggling and clapping.

Mutual melt downs? Oh, they are EXPERTS in this. They should hold PhD’s, The depth of the piercing cries ravages my eyes…I think they bleed sometimes.  No, wait, I KNOW they bleed…profusely.

Explosive poops? Haha if they are experts in melt downs, explosive diapers is probably at least a Major in it.  The smell in enough to curdle milk. Ten miles away.  While it’s still in the cow.  Just bein’ honest here…

Pillars of Drool?  Yes, yes this too. The contest to see who can soak an entire shirt begins at sun-up and doesn’t end until the last moment before sleep takes them to la-la-land.  Mama’s so ready for these teeth to come in…

Bastions of Sleep? Hahahahahaahahahahaaaaaahahaaaaaaa {deep breath} ahahhaahhahahhahahhaaaa….{wipes tear from eyes} These two fight sleep like possessed children of the corn. Alright I have no idea what that actually entails, haven’t seen that movie. It sounded like it fit! Anyways, these two don’t usually give up the fight easily. Hold outs.

But oh, how I love these two stinkers of mine! For all of the days that I’m overwhelmed by the fussing, crying, drooling, capers of destruction…these two children are precious to me in ways I’m sure they won’t fully understand until they reach parenthood themselves. {at least 25 years from now! lol}




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