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One of my new friends, via Twitter, is doing a writing prompt a day, for the whole month of October! While I won’t be doing it everyday, I’m sure I’ll do a few! This is one of them! Find out more about this, over at Megan’s blog.

Her goal is 1 picture, 1000 words, a day, for 31 days. That’s an awesome goal, though I don’t have that high of one for myself! 😉

So read my 1000 {1070} words below: writing prompt books

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Books. Everywhere. I’m pretty sure my grand granny hadn’t taken a bath with the 20 odd books hanging out in her tub. Or how she’d clean her dishes with the 40 in her sink. I once asked my Granny if her mom had actually read the 1000’s of books consuming her home. I couldn’t believe someone would be so sucked into the words and worlds created and waiting to be opened. I didn’t know much, at 6 years of age.  But Granny assured me her mother had indeed read all of the books in her home, and more besides. She’d had a library card as well.

Looking back I guess I get my love of books honestly. I can’t imagine letting that love litter my home like my grand grannies, though I can see the pull, and lure of such worlds opening up, just a page turn away. Words. Books. They’ve consumed me from an early age. By 7 I’d read Gone With The Wind 3 times, by 4th grade I read at a collage level, by middle school I was a confirmed bibliophile. I held such distinction as one who’d read the dictionary’s and thesaurus for FUN. I devoured anything and everything {book}! {Tweet This}

My kindle holds hundreds of books, waiting to be read. My shelves hold books that have become friends. Books to me, hold not just the story attached, but the memory of life happening around me, when I’d first read that book. My Mom’s told me that I have a crazy ability from my Dad, to remember if I’d read a book, just by mention or glance at the cover.

Anne of Green Gables was my friend when I was the loner, odd one out. Scarlett was my bestie when I was finding my own voice. Jim and Elizabeth Elliot were my encouragement when I thought life was too hard. Kitty Gentry, from Oh Kentucky, still holds my fascination and awe as she struggles through living the rough, often-times scary life of the frontier. Maggie, Bre and Shannon from the ‘Born In’ series enthrall me with their view of Irish domesticity, family secrets and dogged roots of love and forgiveness. Juliet bugged me with her love of a boy she hardly knew.  The Bennett sisters I loved/hated, and their mom? Don’t’ get me started!

It wasn’t just these characters that held my love, and attention. No, it was also the likes of Alexander the Great, Catherine the Great, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth Tudor, Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey, The Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution, the medieval days, and more.

Worlds opened up and sucked me in, places like Neverland, England, the Middle East, Civil War era America…Just a turn of the cover and I’m there, feeling the angst of another day struggling to find food to eat in the south during the war. Fighting pirates with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Feeling the terror of the Inquisition, hiding and fearing being caught.

Now I seem to be drawn to those books that take my faith deeper, or challenge what I once thought was true. Books like 7 by Jen Hatmaker, When Women Say Yes To God, by Lysa Terkeurst, The Confident Heart, by Renee Swope. Women Living Well, by Courtney Joesph.  All of which challenge me to be a better wife, better mother, better Daughter of God, better…just better. Oh, but the grace given.

And really, a tiny part of me wonders, can *I* write something like that? {Tweet This} Am I able to make my thoughts known, to put them down in such a way as to encourage other women in this thing called life as a believer? I want too, oh, I really want too, y’all. Maybe thats why this blog is here. To daily walk my walk, and encourage those who read along the way.  But part of my, the part that wants my name in lights, wants to see my name with the names of those I admire. Isn’t that the thing though? That selfish side, the side that whispers into my ears telling me to strive to BE them? Nevermind that I’m me, not them. No one can say things the way I can, and though I may speak on the same things, have some of the same experiences, my words are MINE, not Jens, Lysas, Renees or Courtneys! I can never be like them, or Jane Austin, or the Bronte sisters…because I’m Peggy Spencer. Created uniquely for this day, this hour, with this voice.

Strange to think that one day this all passes away, but that’s what I remind myself of. I may secretly {but not a secret anymore!} desire to be like XYZ, but in the end, even her things and her life, passes away, just like mine does, or will.

But back to books.

They are the essence of my youth, the stuff of legends and the gateways to other worlds. They can make you cry, laugh, fall in love, fall in anger, lift you up or bring you low. They can open your eyes, or harden your heart. Is it any wonder that in some countries today, they are banned? They might cause a revolution, an upheaval. They might open the minds of those who read them, so that they might see what’s really going on.

But, least I not mention the most important book of all. The book that I’ve had at my fingertips for my entire life. The Bible, His Word, my daily bread…it’s words leap off of the page and cause the greatest change in my life. In my heart. The words are filled with HIS character and grace, His mercy and salvation. His judgement and righteousness. Oh, sweet Savior, how sweet Your words are…

This book that is a guide to all, HAS it all in it: daring danger, romance, family issues, family bonding, betrayal, forgiveness…on the list goes. Because this book is the story of real  lives, being changed by a Real God. Amen?



  1. Amen sister!!! Love these 1000 words 🙂 and I can totally relate – though I traded books for numbers and math early on. :/

    • Eeek…math. Blah. Math makes my brain fuzzy and switch off. lol Thank you!! This 1000 words might actually be…fun! {cue gasping noises all around the blogoshpere}

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