Our Excess: The Experiment Begins

7 clothing items excess mutany against jen hatmaker

Remember this post? The one where I talk about our excess, and needing to rid ourselves of it?! Yeah…I almost DIDN’T y’all. That is bad. :-/

Here I was thinking that I’d just have the series on ‘Rest’ to think about this month. And silly me…I had to go and add ONE MORE thing to do. Though to be honest, this excess one is more, behind the scenes, than actually writing. Whew! Thank goodness I realized that. This is where my ability to spread myself THINNNNNNNNN shows.

Needless to say, please pray for me!!! I will need it! Alright, enough of that, lets get to a re-cap and then chit chat a little.

Our mission:

4 weeks, 4 topics: clothes, media, spending and stress.

Our time table:

Clothes ~ September 30th – October 6th

Media ~ October 7th – 13th

Spending ~ October 14th-20th

Stress ~ October 21th-27th

Our Instructions:

*7 articles of clothing {not including underwear/bras/socks} that’s it.

*Turn off 7 screens  I’m limiting my internet/computer time to emails, updating my blog and that’s it. Also, no social media on my phone. A week of silence.{Though I guess not a total black out as I have two Facebook groups I need to keep up with for now, but no extra time}

*Spending in only 7 places. This topic should be for a whole month to get the full effect, but my Mom will be here for this week as well, so the urge to go out and spend will be higher. Money will be spent only on regular bills, food, and gas. No eating out!

*Jen observes prayer 7 times a day, to cultivate a spirit that rests in God alone. Each day, we will pray about someone/thing specific. In this order Mr. S, Mrs. S, the kids, our marriage, our family, our families vision or mission and lastly, a day of praise.

Alright, that’s the re-cap. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! Make sure you read the other post, it has a few more details. So, today I’ll be showing you what 7 articles of clothing I’ll be wearing this week. This might be fairly easy for me, as I’m a homemaker/stay home Mommy, so I don’t have work outfits and social engagements to dress for. But I’m eager to look over my clothes and see what happens this week.

In the above picture, you’ll see 6 items, I was wearing the 7th. So it’s, jeans, superman pajama Capri, black pants/leggings, long sleeved purple/maroon top, short sleeve purple top and short sleeve orange top, with a sweater. It’s been getting colder at odd times here, so I wanted to be able to wear something! Minus the un-mentionables, that’s my wardrobe this week. This should be fun! 😀

If you’re joining in, what are you picking for your 7 items??



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