36 Things About Me!

photo me 35 things heart selfie

Pardon the funky picture, I had to edit it, so y’all don’t see the mess that is my face right now.

Currently dealing with cross-contamination fall-out.

Why 36? Uh, because it’s all I came up with at the time? No reason. {I love randomness at times!} In no particular order and without further ado:

  1. I’m a follower of Christ
  2. I love food!
  3. I have Non-Celiac gluten disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  4. I am a wife
  5. I am a mom
  6. I’ve had three children
  7. One of whom is in Heaven
  8. I’ve lived in California, Arizona and now Texas
  9. I love LOVE rain
  10. I LOVE the ocean, and miss it
  11. I get giddy for thunderstorms!
  12. I love fellowship with other women
  13. I can be a wallflower or social butterfly
  14. I LOVEEEE to write, thus this blog
  15. I dream of having a fireplace
  16. I’m passionate about many things, but my faith, marriage and parenting top the list
  17. I have a male cat, who is like having another toddler in the house
  18. I love the smell of fresh laundry, but don’t like putting it away {Anyone have a spare hand?! Bueller? Bueller?}
  19. I’m an only child
  20. I listen to Christmas music all year round
  21. I’m a little…OCD with Christmas anything
  22. I don’t like the summer, I don’t do ‘heat’ well
  23. I miss the monsoons of the high desert
  24. I love photography!
  25. I have over 300 books on my Kindle, 100 on my Nook, and most of them I haven’t finished reading yet
  26. I collect books and recipes like no one’s business…and I need to read/cook them!
  27. I struggle with managing my time online well
  28. I have lost the ability to hold onto a thought for longer than 5 minutes. {or is it two seconds!?}
  29. I trust the Lord, completely!
  30. I have lots of unfinished bible studies that I need to finish
  31. I have a hard time FINISHING things, but God’s working with me on this right now!
  32. I love being married and being a mom
  33. My Mom is my best friend…after my Mr. S.
  34. Sometimes my cat realllly annoys me, so I tell him I’m going to shave him. {He doesn’t believe me}
  35. Politics annoy me
  36. I love coffee, though at 15+ cups a day, that would be considered excessive use and abuse. {I have since kicked the coffee habit and now drink two cups of yummy Earl Grey with almond milk!}

Bonus Ones:

37. I want to go back to Scotland one day, with my family.

38. I easily overwhelm myself with so many books started at once, or too many tabs open to read.

39. I love the smell of apples, cinnamon and nutmeg together.

40. I want to be published one day.

So tell me…did any of that surprise you??  😉



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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