Women Living Well Book Review – Pt Two

**Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post.  However, I received this book for free  for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.**
Your Parenting
Your Homemaking
women living well
Courtney paints a beautiful picture of growing up and seeing her mom living out her faith, being soaked in His word. My soul lighted on this, and I long to be similar. Her mom would always have christian music on, her bible open, and could be found often at the Word and soaking it up. In a society that is busy trying to distract us with all the ‘busy’ things we can be doing, Courtney reminds us to slow down and remember the most important things: family and home.
As christian mothers and homemakers, our lives today look very different than the lives of our grandparents. Though we have many conveniences, we’re further away from fellowship.
Even our homes tend to lack the attentive touch that generations before us had.
Your Homemaking opens with, “Together, let’s pursue peace, harmony and organization.”
In this section, we’re taking through juggling homemaking, ministry and work, to making your home a haven, to routines that bring rest and finally media and your homemaking – times have changed!
She concludes with a good question, which I’ll leave you with:
What is your driving force?
Evaluate your walk with God, your marriage, your children, your homemaking  and choose a theme word for the year.
Post ending Love, Peggy


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