My {Office}

Some days I just want to toss the blog planning, post scheduling and archive building out of the window.

I’ve gotten more intentional with writing, so I have more to edit and share. So much more that I don’t have ‘room’ for those fly-by-the-seat of my pants kinda posts. I miss that! But I love the inspiration I’ve got going on right now as well. Writing {and sharing} fills me up. Then there are times like right now that I just want to SHARE what I’m doing, and it has NO order and is completely random…so I give you THIS post. 😉

photo 2

Before – this is my ‘desk’. Out in the middle of the chaos that is my home.


photo 4

I had to take a break, and this is where I’d left it. Still not happy with it…


Finally, it’s getting there. I need something…organizational, though I’m not sure what, on my desk. But right now, I’m okay with this. Less clutter means I’m less apt to get touchy about others putting things on it! {I’ve been known to grumble at Mr.S when he put something on here, and it shifts the mountains and piles.}

Here’s my ‘dream’ space…


Found here





Found here

I love that the desks are facing outside. I love looking outside, don’t you?

So I’ve thought about what I’d change, if I could.

*I don’t like that my back is to the greater part of the room.

*I wish I had cabinets under the table itself.

*I wish I had some dry erase boards, chalk boards and a wall calender on the wall.

Those are not that difficult in the big picture, but they fall far down on the needs list, past the wants list and into the maybe someday list.

So…there you have it. My creative space, as it were. Not very creative, usually not inspiring, but it’s all I got!  What’s your dream office? Or creative space?



  1. This is kind of silly, maybe not, but i love giving these things to God, you know why? He owns all the cork boards and cute rugs and he loves us oh so much. After careful dreaming and planning and selling some things i didnt use, i was able to create my little dreamspace and he put the perfect little things in my path. Im praying for you 🙂 he owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the furniture in a thousand warehoues, really!

    • LOL Somehow I’m imagining Him holding cork boards and rugs, asking me which one I’d like the most. Cute image, but so true…He does hold all things in His hands, and deals mercifully with us!
      Thanks for the great reminder! Now…I should write that and put it on the wall…somewhere…

  2. So my dream office is: Loads of windows, bookcases, file cabinet, fireplace big comfy chair for the fireplace with ottoman, a desk (of course) really big so there’s space for Squirt to hang out, drawers, a hidden cubby for the printer and a nice comfy rug for the floor.

  3. A desk sitting beside a large window, with a beautiful view. A nice comfy chair, and a table beside the desk for holding the things I need to reference. Bookshelves immediately behind the desk. Lots of space for storing and organizing my papers.

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