The Burden of Trust

Responsible: defines it is, “the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management.” gives these synonyms: authority, burden, trust, constraint, care, pledge…

trust burden scroll

Lately I’ve been seeing who’s been reading my posts. I know your stories for the most part and I’m honored. Honored to know you take the time to read my words, honored to know they might help. I’m also aware of the responsibility I have, to God and to you. To be accurate and loving. Truthful and open. Transparent and encouraging.

I see you when I type my thoughts out, your name and burdens come to mind. And I think that isn’t it wonderful that God knows you more than I do, and uses us to help each other. So pray for me, that I remain focused in Him, so that I may encourage you as I type out my thoughts. And know that I pray for you as well, in the typing of my words. That occasionally, as I pour out my heart, I see your face because He’s brought you to mind. And then I know…that this post, or that post is for you.

Also know, that if I should ever post or say something that isn’t Biblically accurate, I need you to tell me. Because I am ‘out there’ with my beliefs, I take a level of responsibility that you may not have, and I strive to be correct even if it hurts. {Especially when it hurts!!} I need to know that you will show me if I’m wrong. I trust that you will. And I thank you for it. I’m the first to say, I SCREW up daily. I’m not perfect and my grasp of the Bible isn’t 100% all right all the time. My selfish side loves to pop up and say, “But I don’t LIKE that.” But it doesn’t get to decide what’s right or wrong, only His word gets the burden.

So, thank you for reading, for allowing my into your lives through my writing, and I pray that God keeps me accurate and accountable to Him above all, and that He blesses you while you’re here.

Post ending Love, Peggy

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