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Dear Peggy,

You are enough. I know you don’t think so, as you look around and see the dishes piled high, the floor needs sweeping and mopping, the tables need to be cleared off, the bathroom needs a good scrub and the kitchen needs that too. Oh…and we won’t mention the state of the Laundry Disaster of Fall 2013. I also know that if you tried to remember the last time you kissed your man like you meant it, you would have a hard time remembering. Between the health issues, the dirty diapers, the tummy’s to feed, the snuggles to share and the discipline measured out, I know you’re sitting there thinking…I can’t do this!

But you can. Being enough means you have ample resources, suitable gifts and abundant know-how to be the wife I made you, the mother I’m molding you to be. But please…don’t forget that I’m the source of your ‘enough’. Without Me, it would all just pile up, and stink, like a 4 day old diaper can in the sun. While I’ve made you to be enough, without Me, you won’t grow.

I Am there in those moments when it seems to overwhelm you, when you softly say, “I can’t do this…” I hear, and I know.

So, shake off the comparisons…if I wanted you to be like Martha Stewart, I’d have given you a film crew and staff for days, to accomplish it all. If I wanted you to be like Mrs. Smith down the street, I’d have done so. Instead, I’ve made you to be Peggy. Unique, beautiful, strong, enduring, faith-filled, expressive and loyal. I have made you perfectly…and anything or anyone telling you otherwise is lying. {Including yourself}

Now…go rest, and enjoy these days with your children. The chores…those’ll be there tomorrow. Your children will not.



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    • I’m always reminded that I need to see what HE sees in me, because I’m my own worse enemy. Besides, He sees the final product, and the path that gets me there. πŸ˜€

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