Fall {Or Is It Autumn?}

{Fall is upon us.}

fall here comfort food warm crisp cool

I love this change of season, I write about it yearly. Here, before having Jeremiah.

Here, the reflections of our second year without Michael.

Something about the trees turning colors, losing their leaves and resting for a season. The smells of apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, warm stews on the stove. Sharing blankets to cuddle under, crackling fireplaces and the crisp colder air.

{It all paints a beautiful picture of rest, coziness, comfort and good company.}

Also it’s the time of year were we celebrate three little lives in our family. Three children that have changed my whole world around from too to bottom. For the better. Before them, this time of year was a hurry up to get to November time. Now, I savor it, anticipate it. Like a long awaited for meal from home, or that precious gift you’ve been thinking of all year long: finally here, you exclaim!!

I am growing to love this change of season with each passing year, my enjoyment growing with the passing days of summer. Gone are the days that I dread this season, or the month of October. Yes…there is a day coming that I will miss a young boy and seeing him grow. The 13th of October will always be a day I remember Michael, and do something in his memory. But the grief and the dread are not there. Sometimes I wonder if God gave us the children’ birthdays in October for a reason…or just what that reason is. I may stop asking, but it’s nice to not be anxious over a month, or a day.

So this seasonal change, remember to stop, slow down {especially as you’re more inclined to speed up!} and savor the moments you can get with your children. When the laundry needs cleaning, the dishes are breeding and the toys threaten to maim you…the tantrums cause your hair to turn gray, the smell of child A’s diaper makes your face turn green, and the piles of ‘to-do’ aren’t getting done…It’s a season. It passes. I promise! šŸ˜‰

Post ending Love, Peggy


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