Our Excess = His Glory

Tonight I planned to write, to let the creative juices flow. But my children had other ideas: To reject the notion of a good nap, stay up later than normal, and thus prevent me from writing what I had planned.

excess spending stress clothes media october


But here instead is this post. One I’ve felt has been coming for a long time. On my shelves is a book, and between it’s covers is something that offers a huge challenge. To mutiny against excess. This evening highlighted the dangers of some of the excess this house has allowed in. And tempers flared, tantrums ensued and time out’s needed for the adults as well. Something has to give. And I pray it won’t be the family or relationships.

Jen Hatmaker wrote a book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Oh yeah…THAT book. Her experiment lasted 7 months, with each month focusing on one of the following; clothes, spending, waste, food, possessions, media and stress.

Sometimes I wish this book didn’t grace my shelves, to silently taught me, poking at my conscience. But it does.

I’m fed up with the abundance we have, and the lack of discipline that rules aspects of our lives. I’m also afraid Mr. S won’t agree…yes I’m writing this before speaking with him, though if this post goes live, know that I will have spoken with him. I’ve leaving plenty of time to shelve this if he doesn’t agree. I pray he does agree…it would be lonely doing this alone, though I don’t think I can or should.

I don’t want to take a month per subject, I don’t even want to touch on each subject. I want to do it one topic a week, for a month. 4 topics: clothes, media, spending and stress.

Clothes ~ September 30th – October 6th

Media ~ October 7th – 13th

Spending ~ October 14th-20th

Stress ~ October 21th-27th

The ‘rules’ for each subject are pretty simple, and I have to admit, I’ll be changing them a little.

For the clothes week, it’s this::::7 articles of clothing {not including underwear/bras/socks} that’s it. Jen ends up going through her clothing during her clothing month, and I’d love to do the same, but no promises.

For the media week, it’s this::::Turn off 7 screens {This is where I’m going to ad-lib a little, I facilitate a group on Facebook and I will be checking in once daily for 5 minutes only!!} I’m limiting my internet/computer time to emails, updating my blog and that’s it. Also, no social media on my phone. A week of silence. I will say…I fear I will fail this week. It’s so easy for me to just pop over to check something on Facebook, or this blog or that one. So I need prayer on this one! *Mr. S may need to get online for his military things.

For the spending week, it’s this::::Spending in only 7 places. This topic should be for a whole month to get the full effect, but my Mom will be here for this week as well, so the urge to go out and spend will be higher. Money will be spent only on regular bills, food, and gas. No eating out!

For the stress week, it’s this::::Jen observes prayer 7 times a day, to cultivate a spirit that rests in God alone. {allow me to change it up a bit, would you? ;)} Each day, we will pray about someone/thing specific. In this order Mr. S, Mrs. S, the kids, our marriage, our family, our families vision or mission and lastly, a day of praise. I pray this brings us closer together, and to God.

The last few days of October, I will attempt to wrap it up in a post, {or three!} and let you know what’s gone on, behind the screens here.

This is so crazy, my mind is screaming at me that I JUST started blogging more consistently, that I am making connections with other writers and readers, that this idea is silly. Yet…my relationships are suffering. The ones that matter the most to me, get the least from me. This cannot be. Balance must be found, the excess stripped away and God’s purpose allowed to shine. Those voices and thoughts better get used to this idea, because it’s happening. One way, or another, it’s happening.

*If you want to join me….comment below, follow my blog and let me know how you’re doing on it!

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  1. Two weeks ago, I began the purging of my house. I have just been feeling a deep NEED to get rid of EXCESS and simplify and open up spaces! My life is kind of in a transitional place now–homeschooled children are independent; no little ones running around and so our household needs have drastically changed from 5 years ago. In order to pursue the call that God has placed on my heart–becoming an #intentionalblogger–it is extremely necessary to get rid of clutter and to create a space conducive to honoring Him. It is a slow process, but I am so ready for the change!

    • It’s amazing what happens, when we realize that He has a plan for our little space on the web. I’ve become more intentional over the summer, myself, and I have been slowly reducing clutter and things that distract me. I have two littles right now, so our needs are most basic, but this passion to write has always been there for me. However, I need to find HIS balance for it all. I’m kind of nervous about the media, to be honest. Not sure I can do it, but HE will help me. 😉

  2. I’ll be honest, I will not be joining you. However I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Although I may start working on finishing getting rid of my own clutter.

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