Who’s Following Me?

I am a stats checker. I check them daily, sometimes a few times a day. I want to know how many have been to my blog, what post is the most read, how many views on this day or that day. And really…I wish I had the option to hide this feature from myself.

In the end, it only matters that I wrote what I felt lead to write, posted it when I felt lead to post it. The rest, is up to God to use. It doesn’t matter if no one reads it, or if many read it. I just need to write and publish as He leads me too.


Today, I’m guest posting over at The Pure Sacrifice, click here, to read the rest! While you’re there, look around her blog. You’ll be blessed as I am, to know this woman and chat daily with. She’s been a huge gift to me, and an encourager. Her wisdom and gentle heart is a great juxtaposition to my own bull in a china closet type ways. I thank God that He’s helped her be friends with me! 😉 Thank you Deanna, for listening to me in all my ups and downs of writing and walking in faith. Thank you for being my sister, I love you girl!!!



  1. Thank you, my dear Peggy, for being willing to share on my blog. Also for being my sounding board for many things from what God is doing in my life, to the pettiest of things. Even when I talk too much, you are always willing to listen. 🙂

    • Deanna,

      We both talk a lot, more than likely the reason why we write! 😉 Thank you for being my sounding board as well! 😀 Thank you for allowing my to write on your blog as well.

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