Dear Mr. President, Take Two

Dear Mr. President,
It’s no secret that our politics and beliefs don’t line up. But I’m writing you today, in light of the Syrian issues. You, Sir, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because of the unrest, and deaths in Syria, you’ve made a stand.
It’s not a secret that us Americans are tired of the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. We’d be wary, and dis-interested in another war, in the Middle east. A war that would more than likely be similar, to such wars as Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. We’d think we’re helping, but the whole country is so ingrained in their religion and it being their law as well…nothing we do, or introduce would help.
Congress has already told you that they wouldn’t be very willing to step into the Syrian fray, and if you exercised your executive order, you may very well face a home war of some sort.
A rock, and a hard place.
I would not want to be in your shoes. I don’t know the wisest course of action, not being privy to the news that you should be. So I’ll pray for you. And for our country, and Syria…anyone involved in this. That the Lord guides you all, in the way it should be.
I pray for you, that though you may not be who I’d want in leadership, that you thoughtfully consider all of the options available to us, and make the wisest choice. Any choice is one that has pro’s and con’s. Any choice would be difficult to make. It’s not just a choice…it’s a life or death one, and having to face that is not something that is easy.
I pray, that the Lords hand moves and does as He needs too, and that you, Sir, do what He calls you to do.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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