Tot School Day 1: Begins

Last week we started ‘Tot School’ for J. In a nutshell, focused playtime, to build on manipulatives, dexterity, playing with shapes, colors, sounds, textures, etc.

I don’t want to overwhelm, or push Jeremiah, but I want to offer opportunities which he can grow from, learn from, enjoy life from. It also has the added benefit of using his brain and body, to help him sleep better!! (What Mom doesn’t enjoy that aspect of playtime or school?!) 
I felt he was able to use the sidewalk chalks (finallllly! I’ve had them forever!) without putting them into his mouth. I was right! He loved them. He was all over the yard with the chalk tossed into the box, proudly carrying them to the next cement area he could find. I think he enjoyed putting them into the box and out again, more than the actual, hey these write on the cement aspect, but that’s okay. We spent a good 30 minutes doing this, and he would have gone longer, if I hadn’t noticed his skin turning red. My poor pale skinned son. So we went inside. 

Here are a few more pictures of the fun he had with the chalk:

Come back on Wednesday, and I’ll share with you what we did when we came inside! held his attention for 30 minutes as well!!! 😀

What do you use as sunblock for your kids? Jeremiah LOVES being outside, but he reacts to the sun pretty quickly. 😦



  1. A cute cap would be good to protect his scalp and deflect the son from his face. Just a grandma speaking. 🙂 Great beginnings, Peggy! It is obvious J is getting into it!

  2. Aw! So happy for J! It's pretty obvious he enjoyed that activity! :)In regards to putting the chalk in the box – I bought myself a sewing supplies box about a month ago, & Isaac played with it for weeks. He liked to place random objects in the box, latch it, bring it to me & say, "Mommy, I brought you something!" Lol. And then he'd unlatch the box and hand me the item & say, "I brought you a sock!" Or whatever it was. And then he'd go find something else & do it again. I'm still thinking about buying him his own box now. 🙂

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