Texas: Say WHAT?!

Written for P31 Blog Hop Thursday’s for the Online Bible Study of “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God?” Lysa TerKeurst. 


If someone had told me, in April, that we’d be loading up a truck, and moving our family to Texas the following month, I’d have laughed at them. Crazy talk…my #SayWhat moment. When we told people, some of them thought we were crazy. Some family even thought so. To the outside world, I’m sure it was very crazy, us moving with two small children, with nothing planned out. So radical.
Yet, that’s what we did. We had no money to move, no place to move into, and no moving truck to get us there.
Yet, God opened the door for my husbands job. He slowly, steadily opened doors for the moving truck, for the funds to get us here. And still, no house to live in once we got here. 
Many people seemed to delight in telling us that there would be NOTHING for us, in the price range we sought after. This are is experiencing an oil and construction industry boom. So housing costs are high, and supply is low. But here is where He called us. So we kept clinging to Him, and though at times it seemed we’d never find a place, after all, how many ‘No, we have nothing available” can you hear, before you easily become defeated in spirit?? Yet…we kept reminding each other, He called us here. He will provide. 
One WEEK after we moved here, God brought us home. This home is a gift, and a blessing. It means more to us, than most other places we’ve live in. (possible exclusion of my parents home, as it was our shelter from the world after our son passed away) This home isn’t just a house, it’s a place were love grows, family bonds and memories are made. It’s a home that seeks to honor, obey and praise God Almighty. It’s not a perfect home, tempers flare, attitudes insist…but it’s a HOME. It’s HIS home for us.
We still have things that need to be accomplished, like me finally getting my Texas drivers license, registering the car and transferring insurance from AZ to TX. Those are financially near to impossible for us, but we are looking to God to help us. 
This move, though radical and far from what we’d planned for this year, has brought us closer to Him, to each other and has blessed us greatly.
Being obedient usually means taking one out of their comfort zone, and into a situation that leaves room for growth through trials. That is without a doubt, what’s happened to us here. It seems every year, something happens, to shake us up, and remind us Who is God.
What’s your Say What moments? Have you obeyed Him in a way that others think is radical??


  1. Great testimony to God's faithfulness! I love your sentence, "He slowly, steadily…." Sometimes it seems slow to us, but His movement in our lives is STEADY and geared to molding us into the person he created us to be. If we could just always hang on to that thought, life would be so much breezier! Love what you've shared here! Very encouraging words!!! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Leaving the comfort zones is sometimes the hardest and yet most rewarding things that can happen to a person. It amazing to see how God works in a life, and makes it all for His glory.

  3. Amazing how sometimes God puts us in uncomfortable situations so we can trust HIM! Be blessed!!!!!Following you from the blog hop, hope you can too come follow my page =) coloradoblessedmom.blogspot.com

  4. I know He specializes in the uncomfortable, the impossible and the unusual…somehow though, it all works out, according to His perfect plan!I'll hop over and follow along! 😀 Thank you!

  5. Wow! I think this is the pure definition of "leap of faith". I'm so impressed with your faithful and trusting attitude. It is beautiful how if we just keep moving forward in faith, He always wraps everything up for us.

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