Answered Prayer

I love when the Lord answers the deep prayers of my heart, the anguish that goes unspoken.

A friend posted a blog, titled, Small Family, Large Family, or God’s Family? (You can find it here)

Cindy writes, ” If I had no kids, Jesus would still be my Lord and my God. If I have a dozen more (oh, my), Jesus will still be my purpose.”

And I felt the tears well up. 
Oh Lord, how sweet it is, to know You cared enough to make this post come across my lap this morning. Throughout her post, Cindy keeps pointing back to Christ. To her relationship with Christ being the focus, not the number count of children she has. She has so many excellent points, but the one that hit home with me, was hearing Christ tell me to focus on Him, lean into Him and the regrets and desires will be taken care of.  I am thankful for the love poured out on me, and accepting what is. Content with the two wild children I have playing at my feet. I know should He want to bless us with more, we wouldn’t turn away from it. I know now, that He is up to snuff on the doings in my family, much more than I am. 
Here I am, Lord…loving you, and learning to look to you, in all things.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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