Hearts Desire

I’ve given a lot of thought to where my heart seems to get tugged lately. My heart is calling me towards something that I supposed makes sense. Wives, mothers and friendship. True friendship that connects you through living life together, sharing together the laughter and the tears. 
When I lived in Arizona, I didn’t make many connections. The ones I did, life always seemed to get in the way of our best intentions, and I am saddened at the lack of time we’d spent together. I can’t go back now, to change any of that. God has moved my family along to something else. Planted us in another community, in another family. Another opportunity to make those connections, and build the friendships that He desires of us. 
I am already thinking of, and praying about, inviting the pastor and his wife over for supper one evening. Or our Sunday school leader and his family. Though I’m intimidated by that thought, as he has 5 children! But here I am, desiring it, wanting to make the connections that I know are important. This is not me. I am a self confessed hermit. But my soul and heart are calling for more now. I know this is Gods touch in my life. His changing of my heart. 
What do you feel lead too? What friendships can you build on today?


  1. I have shared how I feel that there is a lack of community lately. Once I get back to work I want to make a point to invite people to join me for lunch one day and just take time to get to know people better. Beyond the things we can do at church on Sunday. I want to hear how this progresses for you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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