Trying Something

I usually post my new entries on Facebook. Since I know that many do not follow my blog, that’s usually why I do it. 
But no more. 
I will continue to write as He leads me, and I’m still seeing that unfold a little at a time. I don’t fully see the direction yet, but I’m beginning too. And this step, of not posting to Facebook, is one among many. This is a little…scary. And I have to say, humbling. I love feedback, who doesn’t? But doing it this way, as of right now, my feedback will be very rare. 
So this is where I trust God, and write to Him. After all, His feedback is THE most important, right? 🙂


  1. Perhaps this will help free you from needing others to comment. I find that I needed a break from comments, because the more comments I got, the more I wanted. I didn't want to write just for comments, but to share the truth for anyone it might touch.

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