Cleaning Challenge

I don’t know about you, but if I make cleaning fun, and sometimes a competition, I get it done, gladly. 
Let’s face it, it HAS to be done, so why NOT make it fun, if you can?? 😉 
So here it is:
Pick one thing you’ve been avoiding. (Like cleaning the car, or that pantry, or the garden shed, etc)
Take 5 minutes with a notepad, and make a list of the steps you need to do, I.E. Dust, trash out, mop vacuum, etc)
Take another 2-3 minutes and write down anything you need to buy to complete said room/etc. 

Go get everything you need to finish your task. 

Give yourself a week to finish it in!!!
I’m picking the master bedroom. With the move, it’s become the room in which everything is tossed, never to be touched again. 😉 
I’m going to start my ‘week’ on Thursday, after a trip to the store for whatever I’ll need to complete it. I’ll be posting later my lists, etc. 

What are YOU going to do?!

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