Morning Thoughts: Government Scandals

Sometimes, I think the most in the morning. This…was this morning. 

Government scandals, when will it end?
My guess is that it’ll just continue to get worse.

The truth? Because as a nation we have agreed to things, allowed things to happen or worsen in the name of progress, equality and betterment, that are a direct offense to Gods Word.

Everything is unstable, I worry all the time!
Why? The Lord tells us 356 times to not fear. I think He knew/knows we can fear too easily.

Where is God’s protection? Why is He allowing things to happen to us?

Because believers have gotten lazy, here. Believers had widely dropped the ball, becoming comfortable in their little worlds, forgetting the power and majesty of the King of Kings they serve. Fellow believers, if WE have gotten lazy, and WE have forgotten His power and character, why then are we surprised that unbelievers have/do as well? WHY are we surprised that His favor has eased, and now we are experiencing His reprimands? America is not special, we aren’t Israel…

What do we do now? The government is lying to us, there’s more and more disasters, there’s XYZ, happening!
We humble ourselves before Him. Daily. Hourly. We remember that life is but a breath, and He is Sovereign. He is just.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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