Introduction, By Yours Truely!

I love my camera. But I’m obsessing over it’s attachments. You see, photography isn’t just a camera and your subject. Although I’m sure you can be very simple in your approach! 😉 

For me, learning is an everyday thing, so when I finally ‘got it’ about lenses…well let’s just say that the fingers did a TON of walking on this ol’ keyboard, the more I found, the more I drooled. I’m so excited to get a rental lens soon, and be able to learn more. 

I’ve always had the interest and desire for the artistic side of photography. I’ve since found the love and excitement for the techie side. Although, please don’t call me techie, I’m still not sure I could accurately EXPLAIN all I’ve learned lately! 

I’ve learned that I need to pull back, slow down, and focus on what I’m trying to tell through my lens. Don’t become SO focused on one thing, that you don’t notice the details, the flow…the story. 



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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