Buttermilk Scones

I love scones. 
I could eat them every morning, and be a happy camper. 
Although, I’m sure my waist line wouldn’t agree! 😉 
I have had yet to make some that I loved, however. 
Most of the scones I’ve tasted are dry. 
Who wants hardtack? 
Do you?!
Didn’t think so. 
So I made my second recipe of them this morning.
The recipe comes from:
Who’d a thunk?! 😉 
I’m not sure I can share the full recipe, 
but the ingredients are simple and basic. 
Flour, salt, baking soda, sugar, egg(s), buttermilk.
When it told me to roll it out on a floured counter, 
I didn’t do it. 
I, instead, patted it out onto oatmeal(ed) counter.
I also sprinkled oats on top, to make patting easier. 
I figured I couldn’t go wrong with them, 
as they are traditional in Irish baking/cooking. 
A bakers license. 
I think they turned out fantastic!  
And of course, J agrees. 
Here are the pictures, although I didn’t take any of the process itself. 
Was trying to hurry, because a certain little boy
was not thrilled at being strapped into his high chair to watch me. 
Just look at that beauties. 


A little jam…

A little chewing…

A happy customer!!

Got any more, Ma??

I knew you did! 😀

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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