When Tragedy and Fear Strike

I can’t seem to get this latest shooting out of my mind. It’s effected me more than other recent ones. All I keep thinking it, those poor babies. Their poor parents. Those poor surviving children and adults. To have seen what they saw, and have to live with that from now on…it’s incomprehensible to me. 
How do you explain to children so young what happened…when you yourself don’t know why? Even should we learn this mans motives for doing this horrific act, it still leaves many questions unanswered. 
In the wake of such events, we all hold our children and loved ones closer. Breathing thanks over their precious heads.  
Yesterday, I couldn’t be on Facebook much. It hurt to see that my entire newsfeed was about these little babies, leaving us too early. 
One thing I’ve come to see, when a child dies, many mourn that loss. Even if you don’t know the child. It’s a loss of innocence, a loss of potential. When many children die, that mourning is greater and more vocal. People grieve with the parents, not just for them. 
Many parents took their children out of school yesterday. I can understand why. I may have done the same myself. But is that the right response? I don’t know…
I do know, that as a Christian, I’m to not let fear over take me. 365 times in the Bible, God tells me to Fear not. So how do I not fear, in light of moments like those that happened yesterday?
Again, I have no solid answers on that. 
All I can say is that I get on my knees at the foot of Jesus and cry out my confusion, fear, and anger that such things would be allowed to happen. 
I continue to pray for those who’ve lost in the shooting yesterday. And for those who’ve survived it. Those who now clean up after it, and try to piece it together. 
May God be with them, in their hour(s) of need…like He was with me. 

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