Greetings, and Welcome!

Hello there, thank you for stumbling across this blog. I’ve always wanted to make mouth watering, lick my plate clean, fresh baked goods. And I’ve wanted to do it well! 
I want to be known for something, to always have people ask for that ‘something’ whenever I’m at a function, or as a gift. Yes, that might seem a little…vain. 
Self serving, even.
 But there it is! 🙂 
I want to make fresh breads in the morning. Have wonderful, flaky, melt in your mouth scones with tea, or coffee. I’d love to have a handful of sweet breads and muffins to gift people with. 
I want to make a cookie that is not only soft and gooey, but easy and simple. 
Because my husband is our resident Cookie Monster. 
Flavour, mouth watering, melt in the mouth, flaky, gooey goodness. 
That is my goal, and I have a year to do it in. I will take recipes and begin to dissect them, changing them, tweaking them, until they meet my requirements. 
So come on 2013!! The Bake is On!


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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