Cloaked Darkness

Down this deep darkness once more,
This time to that not so distant shore.
What was once so conquered,
Now reality is seen and abhorred.

This cloak of pain settles in for a winters rest,
I try and try but I’m not at my best.
Emotions come and go,
I’m finding it hard to go with this flow.

Their faces should bring happiness and joy,
Their smiles should ease the pain but it’s a ploy.
Instead I feel lost and second rate,
Inside I’ve become that which I hate.

Where is the thankfulness?
Have I lost my mind?
Could I have forgotten how truly I am blessed?
Where is that peace, I am to find?

Oh God hold me once more,
Take these dark thoughts and toss them out the door.
Please heal me,
Please…let me be who you made me to be.


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