Dining Table

We don’t have a kitchen table. Or a dining table. This house was too small for them. Or so we thought. Thanks to my Mom, we brain stormed how to get a small table into the kitchen, so we can eat as a family. Teach table manners. Enjoy each others company as we cook, bake, etc. I’m so very excited to have a table. To have a table to feed my family at, to dress up, to serve on. You don’t realize how much you might miss this piece of furniture, until you’re without, and are planning on getting one. It’s a simple thing, a table. But it represents so many things, to me. Family. Closeness. Laughter. Stories. Teaching. Games. Life!

I’m so excited about the decoration part of it, I’ve started looking for simple small scale ideas already! 🙂 Here’s a few of those ideas, which are geared towards the Fall and Winter seasons, of course. 😉 

Source: ehow.com via Peggy on Pinterest

So tell me, what are you day to day table dressings like? Simple? Stylish? None? Set for the next meal? Please share them!!! I’m eager for ideas 🙂 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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