I hate, yes HATE that Michael’s death certificate says, “SIDS” in the cause of death area.

SIDS, means nothing. It mean the Medical Examiner doesn’t have a CLUE why our son died. That’s real comforting…*note sarcasm. It means that we may never know what caused Michael to die.

Let me point a few things out:
Yes I know it wouldn’t make a difference.
Yes I know that an actual reason may make it worse.
BUT I feel like it would help with some sense of closure.
It just might help, or it might hurt.
But there it is…

To me…SIDS is so broad, so like a bottom-less pit to me. A catch all of, ‘I don’t know why, so here’s an acronym to help you feel better‘.

*sigh* Maybe I shouldn’t blog anymore today…I’m just in a mood…

Hug your babies, embrace life. Don’t fear it.

I’m out for today,




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