Being a Mom

Being a Mom is the most humbling, stretching, tiring, loving, growing, giving, sacrificing and beautiful role.

I am truly blessed to have this role allowed to me, twice now. Whenever I look into my sons eyes, I give thanks and say a prayer, to be a worthy mother, an excellent role model for his future wife and a good teacher.

As we do our research on homeschooling curriculum and begin to prayerfully seek God’s plan for us as parents, I’m struck by the responsibility of being a mother.

I am responsible to raise my children in the Word of my Living God.
I am responsible to teach my children to walk uprightly and honorably.
I am responsible to pray for them daily, lifting them up always.
I am responsible to set a righteous example of faith and obedience.
I am responsible to be the example of a Godly wife and mother.

I am responsible.
Now, knowing this responsibility, I must get on my knees in thanksgiving and prayerfully seek out His help.
I will fail.
I will mess up.
I am human, after all!

But with Christ as my cornerstone, and the Holy Spirit guiding me…
I will run the race with a smile and thanksgiving.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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