This Week…

Our moving time table has been shifted and moved about so much, this month, it’s hard to believe…but we are moving THIS WEEK. So although I have a list of many topics to choose from, I’m not feelin’ them right now.

I just want to free write! I’m sure you’ll understand, right? ;)

this week


So…today is Monday, but I’m writing this Saturday. When this goes live, my Mom will be here already, and we’ll be just waking up, to finish up all of the packing and cleaning.

Tuesday, we’ll be shopping for travel food, and picking up the moving truck. Then packing it, and sleeping. Early, EARLY…did I mention early?…In the morning we’ll be leaving on Wednesday. Like…3 AM…A…M. But I can’t complain. I’m the one who’s set that time. We may regret my choice. We have two toddlers in tow…but I’m thinking of the time we arrive in Arizona and what we’ll have to do there.

Like…get the children’s beds, toys and books unpacked and set up, albeit temporarily. Then, Thursday we’ll be having some help, I hope, in unpacking the truck and getting things situated when we have the extra help.

When Facebook Isn’t An Option

It’s so odd, being off of Facebook right now. I’d be sharing the excitement and stress with all of my friends on there. Yet, I’m instead, here on my blog. The one that isn’t getting too much traffic these days. I feel like I have to bottle my happiness…but yet I don’t. I have a few close friends that know, and get regular emails and/or texts from me. I probably blow their phones up a bit…haha.

Right now I’m looking at bare walls, empty rooms, and minimal toys, books and sundries.

I believe the cat knows something is up, this will be his 11th move…and my 10th move. Craziness. I could write some humorous things about moving. And some not so humorous ones.

Slap-Stick And Bob’s Your Uncle

Like the time we forgot to check under the kitchen sink, and realized too late that we’d left behind a full cupboard full of cleaning supplies, some tools, various other things.

Or the time we found a little cubby hole up high, that was perfect for a weapon to hide.

Or when we realized that the access door to the area under our home was the resident cat house…which freaked my cat out.

Or when we noticed the stains coming through the recent paint job, to reveal an indoor smoker had lived there before us.

Waking up to the smell of dead skunk.

Or the sounds of mice running through your cupboards.


And Now…


We’ve lived in some interesting places. Some we have loved, and talk about fondly. Others…aren’t mentioned, and if they are, we roll our eyes. But moving sure has made us going through things on a frequent basis. Though it doesn’t stop us from buying in the first place. We need to figure that part out, I think. How not to bring stuff into the house. Buying freeze? Spending Fast? I’ve seen it called a few things. Ah well…something for another time, yes.

So there ya have it…my thoughts for this afternoon, (or morning). I’m tired, but have many things to finish up. That list is long itself, but thankfully it’s not big things. Just the mundane in the day to day life…



Say What?! 6 Humorous Things About West Texas

Have you ever noticed, that when you no longer have a desire to live some place, you stop seeing the fun in it, and start seeing the bad? I’m trying to remember the fun and good of this year in West Texas. This post is a continuation of that in which I remember some funny things along the way…


1) Eggs do in fact fry on the sidewalks, here in Texas. Anything fries here in Texas…except the Sweet Tea. And the hair spray.

2) When they say it’s going to be a cold winter, what they really mean is that it’s going to be a sheet of ice from here to eternity. With a few patches of oil and black ice thrown in for funnsies.

3) You know it might be a good day, when you wake up and it DOESN’T smell like an oil slick. But that could change about 10 times in an hour.

4) It’s not tornado alley here. Except that one time, and that one storm. And those few tornadoes.

5) Goat heads, the size of your head. No really…okay well maybe the size of your nail…but seriously. They hurt!

6) When there are more oil rigs than trees, you may live in the middle of the oil heartland.


Yes, where we have been, is considered the heart of oil country here in Texas. It’s about the only industry in this area, so there are oil rigs, oil trucks, oil workers galore. And why do we pay such high prices for oil?! Still never can understand that one…hmmmmmmm…..

Have you traveled through, or lived in, west Texas? What do you remember about it? Please share! :) 




FMF – Bloom


Five Minute Friday!!

I am joining up, once more, with Lisa-Jo, and the other bloggers over on her blog, for the 5 minute free writing prompts. I’ve missed doing it. Please, follow the links, and read the other writers, so much there to read and learn.





The smell of fresh, clean air, is in her hair. Coming back from her nightly walk with Papa, she reaches her stout little hands towards me, wanting that Mama hug and snuggle. Then back to Papa’s strong arms and vibrating voice. To calm her, sooth her, ready her for bed.

Her spirit is lively, knowing not how to calm herself, or slow herself down. Eager to grow, and learn, ready to bloom and reach so high. But first, the baby steps, those slow, usually painful and frustrating steps forward, and back, until finally, she is grown.

One day far, but not too far, from now, she’ll be tall, full of spirit, hope and dreams. Full of the bloom of life given to her sweet cheeks.

I can’t wait to see the color of her life, the color of her story. Each petal, leaf and stem a story and triumph of it’s own…ready to tell it. Share it. Learn from it.


How well she blooms and grows, this child of mine. This whirl wind of tempter, spirit, giggles and sweetness. Her laugh is precious and infectious…


This joy I feel, in her life, is something hard fought over. Try as I might, the beginning of her life, echos the beginnings of her older brother. The one who’s gone to heaven now, the one who was taken so early in life. Hard not to compare her and his life, and fear the outcome being the same. The distance I held her at, in my heart and my arms….it was a rough first few month between her and I.

There has been an easy truce now, for some time. Necessary, as we live and grow together, this mother and daughter duo. learning our new steps, and steps that only we know.

I wouldn’t trade her for a single millisecond…


5 Life Lessons From The Polar Express

First of all…we’ve watched this movie an insanely high amount of time in the last few weeks…I think I hum the music in my sleep.

This movie has MY favorite theme, Christmas, and my sons favorite thing, trains. We will both sit and watch for an entire movie. I love the cuddles with him and the way he giggles at the fun parts and gasps at the surprising ones. Even though the laundry will stare at me, the dishes call my name and the thoughts race through my head that I want to write…I force myself to slow down. Enjoy. Delight in. Delight with. This moment doesn’t last long…over before you know it. Gone, replaced with new memories, new delights…but oh to hold onto these ones, these smalls ones that are more fleeting it seems.

While this movie isn’t necessarily a Christian one, within it’s story are somethings that are worth watching, and talking about with my children.

1) Sew your torn really does help. ;)

2) When we are able to see those around us, we can reach out to them in the way they may need us too.

3) Sometimes, we just have to live on faith. Because even seeing, doesn’t mean we’ll believe.

4) Generosity goes a long way in life, even with the simple act of a hot drink and willing song.

5) Never stop believing in the wonders of life, don’t allow the duties of adulthood to prevent you from seeing the joys of life along the way.


Yes, there’s Santa, reindeer, elves, the North Pole in this movie…and a ghost on the roof. But there are some good things to learn and away from it. I’m trying this thing, of not being SO focused on the double, triple, meanings of things, and relaxing just a little bit more.  I won’t relax completely, because I want to guard the minds of my family well. I take that seriously.

What do you do, to ensure the minds of those in your family stay safe and Godly? What rules do you have for movies, TV shows? (If you have TV) 


No Facebook!

Yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon of banning myself from Facebook for a certain time frame.

Lots of thoughts run through my head, and I think…oh, this would be a great update! Alas..I cannot. ;)

I’m not being too forth coming on the time frame, I expect to be off of it. Long enough, but not too long. Does that help?

The reason for the no FB…or reasons, I should say are probably just about what you’d expect from me.

1) I spend too much time on it

2) I allow it to distract me from my family and home

3) It’s stressful, deciding who to see as friends and who aren’t

4) Keeping up with the Jones’, Smiths’, Bakers’, you get the picture…

5) I get anxiety just thinking of deleting people or pages

6) I miss face to face life

7) I posted too often, and too frequently

8) I got involved with posts, groups and statuses that wasted my time, energy and mental peace

9) It effected my relationship with my husband

10) Lastly, it came before anything else, even God


It’s embarrassing to admit those things. But there you have it. They are my why…I have to remind myself of this. I’m only 1 1/2 weeks into not having Facebook and I’m already whining to my Mom, who changed my password on me, about the time frame I’ve given myself. And when I put it that way, I’m such a toddler! ;) I think I’ve been hanging with some cranky children too long. hahaa!


All of this to say…this experiment is going to keep going. As per my original plans. I need too. I don’t need FB that much… ;)


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