#31Days – Day One

Here we are! Day one! I’m so excited to get this started! Can you tell, I bring out the exclamation points in force, when I’m excited about something. :) 

In recap:

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is a “challenge within the challenge,” so to speak — namely, to post on your blog every day in the month of October, but to write each post in only five minutes flat. {Excerpt from Kate’s blog}

I’m glad you’re here to join me, this month. Anyone can write for 5 minutes a day, and it’s a good practice to nurture. This will be a great exercise for me. If you’d like to join in, just do it!! If you don’t have a blog, leave comments every day at Kate’s blog, or here on mine. Either way, I encourage you to click through the link to her blog, and read what my fellow bloggers have written as well! It’s always fun to see what others write, from the same word.


Today’s Word: MOVE



They move when they are awake. They even move when they are sleeping. The energy that hums through their bodies, amazes me, and tires me out at the same time.

They are my toddlers.

These moving, breathing, screaming, laughing, giggling, crying, whining, grinning, mischievous children of mine…

The simple movements though, really catch my eyes. When I slowly rock one of them in my Grandma’s rocking chair, the weight of their small body relaxes into my arms. The breathing becomes even, and deep. The eyelashes rest on sweet cheeks, dark against their fair skin. Occasionally, a hand or foot will twitch, evidence of that sleeping energy. I could sit and rock them forever, in those moments. The messes forgotten, the words I wanted to take back, forgotten. All is forgotten, in that gentle motion of the rocker…making a small world among others. Just me, and my baby. Bonded for a moment, in his/her trust of Mem. And the feeling of love that engulfs me, causing an errant tear or two, to spring forward, like a dyke that sprung a slow leak.




There’s day one! :) Thank you for joining me, here. Can’t wait to see what YOU write!


Making Your Home A Haven


Over at Women Living Well, Courtney is hosting her 5th annual Home A Haven challenge. I LOVE this series. I encourage you to follow along, light a candle, pray for your family, listening to softer music…let’s create an atmosphere of love, peace and joy, in the new Fall season!!



#31Days Is Coming!!

Every October, hundreds of bloggers unite and write on a topic of their choice for the whole month of October. It’s hashtag on Twitter is #31Days, and it’s very popular. I’ve attempted to do it only once before. I’m attempting it again this year, haha!

It statered with Nester’s #31Days here….She has many categories, and LOTS of bloggers link up.

And then another place I *try* to join in writing with on Fridays, issued a challenge!! 31 days of 5 minute writing. I can do that. For sure, I can! :) Here’s her challenge:

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is a “challenge within the challenge,” so to speak — namely, to post on your blog every day in the month of October, but to write each post in only five minutes flat.

It’s like a month long Five Minute Friday party! Link here


I may write longer than 5 minutes, but I think I’ll excuse myself from linking up at Nester’s this year, and just link up with Kate, on her blog. There’s always next year, Lord willing, and I need something with less stress.

This will be my landing page for the 31 Days challenge, so please mark this page…as I write posts I’ll be linking them to this post, to make it easier for you to find them all!

September 30th, I’ll be linking up, below are the word prompt’s I’ll be using, and the dates. I’ll hyperlink as I go. :)

Let’s DO this, shall we??

Wed. Oct. 1 — Day 1 :: Move
Thurs. Oct. 2 — Day 2 :: View
Fri. Oct. 3 — Day 3 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 2 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 4 — Day 4 :: Learn
Sun. Oct. 5 — Day 5 :: Stuck
Mon. Oct. 6 — Day 6 :: Know
Tues. Oct. 7 — Day 7 :: Go
Wed. Oct. 8 — Day 8 :: Say
Thurs. Oct. 9 — Day 9 :: Join
Fri. Oct. 10 — Day 10 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 9 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 11 — Day 11 :: Teach
Sun. Oct. 12 — Day 12 :: Rest
Mon. Oct. 13 — Day 13 :: Work
Tues. Oct. 14 — Day 14 :: Away
Wed. Oct. 15 — Day 15 :: Life
Thurs. Oct. 16 — Day 16 :: Adjust
Fri. Oct. 17 — Prompt revealed Oct. 16 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 18 — Day 18 :: Taste
Sun. Oct. 19 — Day 19 :: Honor
Mon. Oct. 20 — Day 20 :: Fear
Tues. Oct. 21 — Day 21 :: Second
Wed. Oct. 22 — Day 22 :: Guest post (Prompt TBA)
Thurs. Oct. 23 — Day 23 :: Look
Fri. Oct. 24 — Prompt revealed Oct. 23 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 25 — Day 25 :: Enjoy
Sun. Oct. 26 — Day 26 :: Visit
Mon. Oct. 27 — Day 27 :: Free
Tues. Oct. 28 — Day 28 :: Wake
Wed. Oct. 29 — Day 29 :: Unite
Thurs. Oct. 30 — Day 30 :: First
Fri. Oct. 31 — Day 31 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 30th at 10pm EST


I’m linking up at FMF this morning…BECAUSE. ;) Hhaaa…



You know the drill, we write for 5 minutes, no edits, just publish. And then link up, and read each other’s words! It’s fun…challenging, and usually, good for my soul.





Because I said so

Because I can

Because I’m the Mom

Because I want too



Just BECAUSE I can, doesn’t mean I should. I’ve caught myself being a bully, and nag to my family. Pushing them along this invisible line, that only I can see…BECAUSE I want my life orderly, and they mess it up.

BUT…just because they do…doesn’t mean the mess is ugly. The mess means life happens, IS happening. Learning, and loving is constantly going on. They learn from example, and from the quiet, as well as the loud.

Oh, but the loud…those trains he always wants to watch, the whistle he loves the blow…my son is a train fanatic, one who enjoys all things trains, especially the real, steam engines. BECAUSE he can.

Life is not always easy, things do not happen the way we want them too…BECAUSE He is the one who order’s my steps, and know’s what’s best for me.

I’m being made perfect BECAUSE my failings mean I have to lean on Christ Jesus.

I’m seeing His hand in my life, BECAUSE I can’t do this on my own…




And there ya go…it’s usually about family, in this season. My family is my focus, and my influence. God bless them!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!!




A Large Hole, Sleep, Winds and More

Today the winds are high, and cold. It’s Fall. With a touch of Winter, to hint at the next season change. I love it. This is my time of year. :)


I’m catching up on thing around the house…those things that never seem truly ‘done’. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking. Oh, and somewhere in there I need to feed the cat too, because he thinks I’ve forgotten him.

Yesterday, we went to the Grand Canyon. I love that Canyon…It never ceases to amaze me. My son was nervous, understandably so, but he eventually ended up sitting on some rocks near the edge (while making my heart stop the whole time), and we got some pictures of him there. My daughter on the other hand…*sigh*…she’ll be our daredevil. She had no problems being near the edge (to be honest, we didn’t get too close, lol), and pointing to the canyon, clapping, and loving it. She also enjoyed the many people there, from all over the world. I’m sure it sounded like gibberish to her, but she was glued to the large groups as they passed us.

The nighttime sleep issues have seemed to resolve themselves, and we have some new routines for before bedtime now. And throughout the day. I’ll let you know, in another few days, if it seems to continue to work. I’m thanking the Lord for two nights of good sleep! It’s helped a lot. Though, I could sleep all day, but I can thank my thyroid for that one! ;)

I’ve been reading up a storm, and reading a few at a time. haha! 7 at a time…too many? I don’t know. lol If you follow the link here, you’ll see what’s on my shelf, via GoodReads. I love that site!! I’m also 7 books ahead, in my reading goal for this year. Yes, I love books. I think I’ve caught up with my reading, since being off of Facebook.

Speaking of, I have 6 full days lefts of being FB free. This next week, I will be prayerfully considering it’s role in my life. It’s not an evil site, it’s amoral. However, it became a distraction for me, a roadblock to the things I SHOULD be doing with my time. I will not let it happen again.


My last random thought for this post…most bloggers are concerned with their readership. Wanting to grow it, reach more people, etc. I’ve fallen into that  myself a time or two. But here’s the thing…I’m NOT consistent with my writing, or blogging. So I shouldn’t expect to be like the ‘big bloggers’ and have thousands of readers. I CAN make an effort to write with honesty, and more regularly though. I CAN interact with the few commentator(s) I have currently. Create friendships, and be faithful to what I feel the Lord gives me to put my hands too.

So with that…I leave you for today. Just me…just my imperfect mess of a life, that I allow to bring me to states of laziness too often…being overwhelmed too much…

Enjoy your weekend!



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