Enough is Enough!

Hello, my name is Peggy, and I can obsess over any one thing, unto the point of extremes.

Entered into evidence: my incessant search for the perfect food/diet/cure.

There is a growing group of people who have joined the ‘food hate’ bandwagon. Let me first say, that I understand there are those who legitimately cannot have certain foods, or food groups, without it causing numerous issues to their health.

I am one of those, myself. But I took it too far, and came to see food as my enemy, one who must not ‘win’. It became too easy to think that the next person would have what would cure me. That if I did this, this and this, I would be healthy.

I was searching for so many things, when I just needed to back off. Take a deep breath. Seek God’s direction. And get His perspective.

God created in us a need to eat, and along with that eating, came community, relationships, connectedness, and nourishing our souls, as well as our bodies. When we become driven to the point of forsaking foods, just because person X and person T said so, it can become dangerous, and not healthy. Sure, and I know that there are food which are being manipulated by science, and therefore are probably not in our best interest to consume in large amounts, and possibly any amount. If you seek after man’s understanding of health, and food, instead of trusting God in Heaven to help you…you’re open to every whim and new fad out there.

I was.

I can still be.

This is why I have unsubscribed to the countless blogs, and sources I’d been voraciously following and consuming. I’ve unfollwed many on Twitter, and plan to unfollow them on FB, once I’m back to that.  I don’t need their influence, I need HIS. I don’t need to follow after every ‘new scientific finding’ about why this, this, this, and that, are all bad for me, and I need this, this, and this, to help reverse it.

My health is important, I cannot deny that. And there are things I can do, to ensure that I’ve given my body the best chance, with the resources and abilities, I have now. The rest, I HAVE to leave up to the Lord, and His wisdom. I have to stop chasing phantoms of foodie speculation.

I encourage you to re-evaluate your own food ideas, and urge you to consider trusting Him in them. It may seem odd, but He is just as concerned about your health, (more so!), as you are. I cannot explain the weight lifted off of me, when I realized that He didn’t want me under these ‘findings’…these laws, basically. He wants me to change my habits, yes. But not to enslave myself to man’s ideals or rules of what I should, or shouldn’t, be eating. Instead, I needed to let go of somethings, and realize a few others…


My Resolutions


I will not micromanage my food choices.

I will not beat myself up if I don’t meet foodie expectations or rules.

I will not seek after countless ways to heal myself.

I will trust God for my food.

I will reconcile myself with food, and view it as fuel, not my enemy.

I will give my desire of gluten to the Lord, trusting Him to help me.

I am a work in progress, I will never be perfected, this side of Heaven.

I will make mistakes, and I will except them as such, and not hold it over my own head.

I will live free from the chains of food, rules, and fear.





Is there something that is keeping you chained to some ideal, that you perhaps need to let go of, and give Him a chance to help you? If so…now’s the time, today is the day. I am praying for you, knowing that He will be there every step of the way for you, as He has for me.


It’s In The Air


I can feel it.


That crisp colder air, sneaking in at night. Wrapping it’s coldness around me like a glove. Warmer colors, stews, soups, sweaters, cozy socks and boots.

I’ll remind you, I LOVE Fall and Winter.

The clouds these days have been reminding me of winter clouds. They swirl more, look more looming and dark. They have a different air about them, than the monsoon clouds do.

Last night, as I sat swinging with my daughter outside, enjoying the expanse of sky and stars, I smelled Fall. Crisp air. Cold is coming. Even she seemed to know a change is headed our way, she was more chatty and sniffed the air a few times.

Soon, it’ll be time to celebrate some birthdays, and seasons, is it any wonder this is my favorite time of year now?

These days, without the pull of social media, it’s been amazing to see and feel the peace that comes from not being plugged in ALL the time. Of being more private, harder to reach, less convenient to drama, wild speculations, keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, Blacks, and every Tom, Dick and Harry I have known. I have just over a month left, and I’m wondering…WILL I return to Facebook?

Am what I’m missing, really important to my life, in the grand picture? I waffle back and forth on this, so at this point, I don’t truly know.  I’m utterly fascinated with the idea of not being on Facebook anymore. Being the odd among the masses. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me. ;)

But this means, more prayer, naturally. So off I go…onto my day and enjoy life…you should too. Put down the screens, turn off the media. Step away from the drama…and enjoy life, by living it.


In His Peace,


Excited to Share This!

Okay, this’ll be a short post for today, but I’m excited to share this!

Courtney, over at Women Living Well, is going to start blogging through the bible, starting in September! I’ll be doing it, because well…one can’t get enough of reading the Holy Word of God.

I’m not sure how I’ll be blogging, or if I will be, but I’ll be doing the reading and keeping up with her, as well as I can be. Would you like too? Just follow the link here, and sign up for her blog. That’s all. :)

That’s if for this post! lol :D

Carrots In The Grass: When Things Don’t Happen The Expected Way

carrots in the grass when things don't happen the expected way

This week, we replanted some 5 O’Clocks, and found carrots in the grass, and along the rock line. They have been found all over the yard, not keeping to their boundaries in the planter bed. I didn’t know carrots were little wanderers, but they are.  It rained, as we replanted the flowers, and I of course…got dirty. Muddy. It was nice to be outside and doing something, enjoying the weather as it rolled in, and out. The thunder above us, and the soft rain making the day cooler, and sweeter.

We’re home, but still without a source of income…well wait. Shall I rephrase that? God is our source at this time, it’s not of our doing, or efforts. Although Mr. S has been filling out every application he can, and we wait. This time of waiting, and trusting is stretching our faith in ways that are good. Although it’s a recipe for stress, we’re doing well (overall) in trusting God’s timing, and provisions for us.

We wait, and do things around here, like replanting things. Today, we need to dig up the carrots in the planter bed. Some are what they call, 2 year carrots. My Mom didn’t dig them up, just letting it go fallow during the winter.  It’s been raining a lot here, yesterday it flooded…which meant the children couldn’t get outside. Can we say, temper tantrums?! And now, today, since we can go out, they don’t want to stay in at all. My little muddy lovin’, dirt diggin’, ditch hoppin’ toddlers. That rain though, I’m hoping, will make it easier to dig those carrots out. Them suckers are huge and long!

Sometimes, we’re not where we expected to be, and that’s okay. We didn’t expect to be without income, at this point of being home. We didn’t expect the funds to have dwindled as they have. But again…it’s okay. The Lord God has always provided for us, and still does. I find myself in an odd state of joy in this time. I’m eagerly waiting to see what He will do for us, what this waiting and trusting time will produce. What a different mindset to have, I’m sure. It wasn’t my default mindset…but it’s the right one. Finally.

So we, along with those wondering carrots in the grass, will await our Gardener, and Provider, for the pruning, and sustaining that only He can provide.


**A note: Today is 46 day’s without Facebook. I should confess here, that I occasionally will peek at FB from my husbands account, and check up on a few people, and my own profile. So technically…I can’t say ‘no’ FB…but I’m still calling it, no FB. ;) Because I can. Haha! Only 44 more days to go, so this would be the down swing.


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Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

Cornerstone Confessions

Stop Chasing

For the past year or so, I have been chasing something that has only served to bring me grief. And take my eyes from what really matters.

I have relied on my own understanding, or the understanding of other men (women).

My eyes, and trust, are now placed firmly in Him. On Him. He is my rock, the strength I sought for so long.

To be honest…it’s brought me so much peace. And a release.

So if you have a burden, that is bringing you anxiety, stress, taking your eyes from God Almighty…stop chasing it.

Just let it go. And trust Him to carry it for you. To give you wisdom and understanding from HIM…not from man.



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