Excited to Share This!

Okay, this’ll be a short post for today, but I’m excited to share this!

Courtney, over at Women Living Well, is going to start blogging through the bible, starting in September! I’ll be doing it, because well…one can’t get enough of reading the Holy Word of God.

I’m not sure how I’ll be blogging, or if I will be, but I’ll be doing the reading and keeping up with her, as well as I can be. Would you like too? Just follow the link here, and sign up for her blog. That’s all. :)

That’s if for this post! lol :D

Carrots In The Grass: When Things Don’t Happen The Expected Way

carrots in the grass when things don't happen the expected way

This week, we replanted some 5 O’Clocks, and found carrots in the grass, and along the rock line. They have been found all over the yard, not keeping to their boundaries in the planter bed. I didn’t know carrots were little wanderers, but they are.  It rained, as we replanted the flowers, and I of course…got dirty. Muddy. It was nice to be outside and doing something, enjoying the weather as it rolled in, and out. The thunder above us, and the soft rain making the day cooler, and sweeter.

We’re home, but still without a source of income…well wait. Shall I rephrase that? God is our source at this time, it’s not of our doing, or efforts. Although Mr. S has been filling out every application he can, and we wait. This time of waiting, and trusting is stretching our faith in ways that are good. Although it’s a recipe for stress, we’re doing well (overall) in trusting God’s timing, and provisions for us.

We wait, and do things around here, like replanting things. Today, we need to dig up the carrots in the planter bed. Some are what they call, 2 year carrots. My Mom didn’t dig them up, just letting it go fallow during the winter.  It’s been raining a lot here, yesterday it flooded…which meant the children couldn’t get outside. Can we say, temper tantrums?! And now, today, since we can go out, they don’t want to stay in at all. My little muddy lovin’, dirt diggin’, ditch hoppin’ toddlers. That rain though, I’m hoping, will make it easier to dig those carrots out. Them suckers are huge and long!

Sometimes, we’re not where we expected to be, and that’s okay. We didn’t expect to be without income, at this point of being home. We didn’t expect the funds to have dwindled as they have. But again…it’s okay. The Lord God has always provided for us, and still does. I find myself in an odd state of joy in this time. I’m eagerly waiting to see what He will do for us, what this waiting and trusting time will produce. What a different mindset to have, I’m sure. It wasn’t my default mindset…but it’s the right one. Finally.

So we, along with those wondering carrots in the grass, will await our Gardener, and Provider, for the pruning, and sustaining that only He can provide.


**A note: Today is 46 day’s without Facebook. I should confess here, that I occasionally will peek at FB from my husbands account, and check up on a few people, and my own profile. So technically…I can’t say ‘no’ FB…but I’m still calling it, no FB. ;) Because I can. Haha! Only 44 more days to go, so this would be the down swing.


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Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

Cornerstone Confessions

Stop Chasing

For the past year or so, I have been chasing something that has only served to bring me grief. And take my eyes from what really matters.

I have relied on my own understanding, or the understanding of other men (women).

My eyes, and trust, are now placed firmly in Him. On Him. He is my rock, the strength I sought for so long.

To be honest…it’s brought me so much peace. And a release.

So if you have a burden, that is bringing you anxiety, stress, taking your eyes from God Almighty…stop chasing it.

Just let it go. And trust Him to carry it for you. To give you wisdom and understanding from HIM…not from man.



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Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth




Cookies, and Telling It

This post may be a little long, I have a few things I want to catch up on! Let’s see…a recipe and a word prompt. lol

Alrighty, let’s get started!

No Bake Cookies

Some days, I love making something sweet and homemade for my family. Today, it was No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies. This recipe was my inspiration, but naturally I adjusted! ;)


Makes 24 1 inch balls

1   cup    sugar
1/2    cup    milk
1/2    cup    softened butter
pinch    salt
1 1/2    teaspoons    almond extract
1    cup    chunky peanut butter
3    cups    gluten free quick oats
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
Mix all together well. Line cookie sheet with wax paper, and use an ice cream scoop, or a cookie scoop from Pampered Chef, like I did. It should be about 1in. Just scoop and drop! I place them in the frig for about 20 minutes to set a bit more, and then bagged them up!
There are many options for these cookies! But first I want to eliminate the sugar, completely. I think these cookies can do without it. Between the coconut, almond extract and PB, it’s sweet enough.

Word Prompt: Tell


We’re linking up now at Kate’s blog, and it’s fun to do it. Once, again, I’m late! lol



Go tell it on the mountain…I have that song in my head now. I have a love of the older hymns, the way they speak of the truth, the beauty and the pain of being a believer.

Today…has been hard. I’ve told and told me children to not do this, or do that…and I get no’s and disobedience from them. They are toddlers, so I should expect this, right?

But now…as I’m writing this out, I hear God saying…I’ve told you things, which you have disobeyed as well. Ouch…nothing like having children to see just how sinful we really are, eh?

Telling…I don’t tell my husband enough pleasant things. I don’t tell him, by facial expression, or body language either. Instead, I tell him (by my actions or mood) that I’m frustrated, bitter, envious, jealous, bitter, angry…you get the idea.

And really WHO wants to live with THAT?! I tell myself that I need the Lord’s help…desperately, I do. I tell the Lord, I need You to ‘fix’ me…So I don’t hurt the one I love.


It all takes time.

I just keep telling and waiting.

Today, I need to do something to tell my husband that I love him. That I think he rocks my world. That I love the way he loves me. That I see the man of God he’s becoming.

Tell tell tell tell…This is what I should do…


I’ve been convicted lately, about my attitude. My husband doesn’t have a job, still. Though he’s doing odd jobs for friends, and helping around here to fix things up. Not time wasted, and here I am, saying I’m waiting for the Lord. But that waiting doesn’t mean bashing my husband, or being upset with him. So this is a reminder to me, to take my worry to my Savior, and not expect my husband to be able to read my mind. ;)



If you could be in prayer for us, since we don’t have a ‘reliable’ form of income, and the inheritance money is running very low.  We ARE trusting in the Lord to provide for us. I am 100% certain He will provide, but having the prayer is nice, as well. :D Thanks!

Faced With The Truth


Photo Credit: Unsplash



Sometimes, the hammer hits hard.

These times are filled with self reflection, and conviction of thoughts and deeds.

Oh the thoughts…

They flash as fast as a humming birds wings, darting here and there…

Sting and bite, they cut deep into my soul.

These thoughts do no good to me, or those around me.

Arrest them!

Hold them subject to His Holy Word alone.

This is hard…

It’s easy to stand in the Pride Parkway…

Harder to prostrate on the Humble Avenue.

The way of many, go to Pride…

The way of few, go down Humble…

Humble – no self involved.

Just absolute realization that self is the worst obstacle to grace, peace, faith, growth…


Sometimes, my tone is biting, and superior.

That tone that cuts so deep and bitterly.

Mara…I should be called.

Bitter and full of self.

This tone…it’s the enemy of my marriage, my family, my friends.

Who am I…that I should think I’m better, or more knowledgeable.

Yet…and yet…


There are times I cannot allow erroneous thoughts and statements to be said…

I’m a stickler…yes.

Stickler for His truth…and I’m still learning…




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